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Flavors Of The Orient At Ching Shihh...

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Taking a cue from Pan Asian cuisine and its presence in Delhi NCR, the newest outlet to present Oriental flavors at their authentic best has come up in Logix Mall, Noida and it goes by the name Ching Shihh.

My visit to this place came about as the consequence of a recommendation from a friend. Ching Shihh is located on the second floor in Logix Mall, next to A Grill Company, while the mall itself is located right next to Noida City Centre Metro Station.

Ching Shihh is essentially a themed restaurant drawing from 'The Princess Of The Sea' and the most powerful female pirate lord of her times, after whom the outlet has been aptly christened.

The decor and ambiance have a relaxing vibe to them, the place is well lit and trinkets from the Orient emulate China in its humility.

Also, right as you step into the outlet there's a life-size ship wheel proclaiming 'Steersman Is The Key On The Sea'. The place also has an enclosure or two thus providing for Private Dining Spaces in a sense.

The menu at Ching Shihh has been curated in line with the pirate's voyages and has been fine tuned by chefs to fall in line with her treasure map's trail. We tried the following dishes based on Chef's Recommendations.


Asian Vegetables in Lettuce Wraps is a star preparation at Ching Shihh, hands down. It is all about huge lettuce cups, assorted veggies tossed in sauce, and one's choice of a topping of one, some, or all of burnt garlic, peanuts, coriander, and lemon.

Corn and Cheese Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce

Hot Pepper Chicken Wings

Xinxing Chicken Chili Mountain

Asian Vegetable Dumpling

Chicken and Water Chestnut Dumpling


At Ching Shihh, the Drinks Menu pans out like a Chinese fan. Quite an interesting presentation in line with the theme of the restaurant.

Hazy Martini came in a glass filled with candy floss to the brim.

Much to one's delight, the lime and mint concoction is poured over the cotton candy making it melt into oblivion.

Blue Lotus is presented over a bulb of fuming nitrogen, thus borrowing from the Molecular Gastronomy concept.

Ninja is a mystery mocktail that has little to say about itself on the menu even. So best would be to try it for oneself. This one has prominent flavors going into that may or may not appeal to some.

Shanghai Noon was presented in a tall glass and was flavorful with bits of apple lending it a refreshing taste.

Ginger Monk was presented in a skull-shaped glass mug. This one has a prominent ginger flavor and might not appeal to everyone's taste.

Strawberry Colada was a flavorful concoction of strawberry, orange, and pineapple.

Main Course:

Chicken Thai Red Curry

Steamed Lemon Rice had a flavor of not only lemon but also lemongrass infused into it.

Brocoli, Baby Corn, and Black Mushrooms in Chili Hoisin Sauce was quite flavorful and authentic.

Stir Fried Prawns in Black Pepper Sauce

Chili Garlic Noodles

Desserts at Ching Shihh have been specially curated and it is here that you cannot afford to skip the sweet conclusion to a hearty meal. Rather, you would as well find yourself asking for a repeat helping.

Date Spring Rolls

Homemade Coconut Ice Cream

Frankly speaking, the last time I savored such fantastic Oriental food shall have to be at Feng Shuii. Ching Shihh parallels with that place in its own right.

All in all, Ching Shihh comes across as the go-to place for an authentic slice of the Orient and is a no-frills, humble place that aces the flavors it serves. It is a keep-it-simple-silly kind of restaurant that attempts to revive the long lost charm of fine-dining, which thus succeeds in leaving a fantastic first impression. :)

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