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Progressive Dining At The Reset...

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The food scene in India and especially in the capital city Delhi is undergoing a sea change. The hospitality industry has been welcoming many new establishments under its umbrella, lately.

Being in the hospitality industry is a herculean task, for it calls for unprecedented uniqueness, stellar food (in terms of preparation, presentation, and variety) and unmatched service. 

Quite recently, I paid a visit to a new entrant on the food scene in Rohini that goes by the name The Reset. To my surprise, it fared quite well on all the above-stated parameters, and even with an addition of the challenge of it catering to the Vegetarian's palate, I am sure that it would go places.

The Reset has been established under the ownership of Monty Khurana and Ankit Jain and is situated right opposite M2K Cinemas Rohini. It is spread across two levels - the fourth floor and a terrace, that also has a high-rise मचान.

The terrace also has The Godfather making its presence known alongside Bollywood songs that play subtly in the background.

The outlet has been beautifully done in a fine-dine fashion and sports an elegant look all in all.

The Reset has a lot to offer to its patrons, finely curated in a multi-cuisine fashion. Even otherwise, being constrained by the fact that The Reset offers vegetarian fare, it has a considerable amount of variety to offer, not forgetting to mention that they do serve Hukkah, which is the norm, as it seems to be definite crowd-pullers these days. I kept my distance from it, though, being a teetotaler.

Here's what all we relished at a Blogger's Luncheon held at The Reset... 


  • Chocolate Shake with Strawberries

  • Oreo Cookies and Cream

Both these had a beautiful presentation and were thick, creamy shakes that were smooth on the palate.


  • Frothy Wild Mushroom Soup served with garlic bread and had many chunks of button mushrooms in a thick broth. 

  • Sichuan-style Green Noodles Soup which was a flavorful burst of veggies and noodles on the palate. 


This one was The Reset's take on the same and was served in an upside down umbrella, that reminded me of the quirky presentation at "DR∀M∀".


  • Trio Paneer Tikka, again with a refreshing presentation, paralleled the one I had at Indus Flavour

  • Mushroom Galauti Kebab, which was a classic dish done right with melt-in-mouth preparation. 


  • Dry Dates and Cheese Spinach was served in the form of cigar rolls and had noticeable spinach leaves stuffed into it. 

  • English Calzone had a platter-like presentation because it was grand in its portion size and had an appreciable amount of cheese and veggies. 

Main Course: 

  • Mushroom Stroganoff has to be a star preparation. Paired with fried rice, it was flavorful on the palate. 

  • Pan Fried Noodles were all about an authentic dish done right. 

  • Spinach Kofta with Saag Curry and सात धान की रोटी wherein the curry was on the higher side of the spice quotient while the bread and the Kofta were nicely prepared. 

  • Kashmiri Pulao is another favorite. Long-grain rice with the goodness of saffron and assorted nuts, which was light on the palate, cooked in minimal oil. 


  • Blueberry and Cheese Crumble 
  • Chocolate Mousse 

Both of these were excellently prepared, as well as presented, and form for a must-try here at The Reset. 

I had a fantastic time at The Reset, and given the fact that it is a relatively new establishment when it comes to the hospitality sector, I hope they keep up the good work and earn an applause from their patrons in the coming future. :)

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