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Chaayos: Cheers To सर्दियों की Chai...

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Chaayos is a breeze of fresh air with its food-for-the-soul teas and quick bites complementing those teas, as opposed to the cafes that have mushroomed all over with the caffeinated counterpart in focus.

In their bid to keep innovating with India's most loved classic beverage, Chaayos had launched a New Food Menu, for the tasting of which I had been invited in August and the newest feather in their cap is that they had launched their Winter Menu in December 2016. With that as the premise, a long-pending visit to their new outlet in Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden was also ticked off the checklist, this chilly weekend.

With their Winter Menu on my mind, I thus decided to finally go to the outlet in Pacific, situated on the Lower Ground Floor right opposite Marks & Spencer. The Lower Ground Floor is a place that attracts a lot of footfall, thanks to the placement of Spar (for staples, fashion, home needs, electronics et al) on the same floor and Chaayos is the first outlet you see when you descend the escalator from Ground Floor to reach Lower Ground Floor.

It is thus an excellent spot in the Mall and quite a strategic location at that because it entices you with the refreshing aroma of freshly made steaming hot tea and a huge ਮੇਰੀ ਵਾਲੀ ਚਾਹ (मेरी वाली चाय) adorning their main counter, right as you arrive on the floor itself.

The outlet itself is quite aesthetically designed with those cutesy टपरी चाय holders hanging on top, a white bicycle parked at the entrance with archaic चाय की केतली hanging on its handle and wheel spokes marking the wall boundaries of the place that otherwise has no walls.

Their गुड़ वाली चाय has been the most appreciated, and I decided to begin my meal with that. Needless to say, it served as the perfect sweet beginning, more so because at Chaayos they've decided to ditch the sugar and go ahead with our own देसी, healthier sweetener that is Jaggery.

Served in the classic Chaayos कुल्हड़, it was a hot cuppa of bliss. 

Thinking of कुल्हड़, Chaayos has also come up with a unique plating of a popular बम्बईया snack that is Pav Bhaji, by presenting Kulhad Pav Bhaji. Mini versions of the Chaayos कुल्हड़ are filled to the brim with warm Bhaji topped with a generous dollop of मक्खन, served with two slices of Pav, some onion and a lime slice too. Add that lime to your Kulhad for the lemony zing touch-up to your Bhaji.
I did so, and it tasted fantastic.

A unique Modern-Classic plating up their sleeve is Shaami Nachos, which is not unique because of just the fact that it would do well as a शाम का नाश्ता, but because they've paired Mexican Nachos with Indian Shaami Kebabs. Well, it would sound like a not-so-pleasant pairing, but it sure is aesthetic and delicious.

Talking of Modern-Classic, another such pairing that they have done is Thepla Tacos, which is another Mexican-Indian pairing. Served as Tacos with a separate complementary dip and with a filling of Paneer / Chicken as may be the case, topped with Sev and jalapenos layered with some tangy sauce on the inside.

What impressed me was the fact that Chaayos is trying to think out-of-the-box not only with their snacks but also with their teas, for they have introduced not only गुड़ वाली चाय but also चटकारा चाय, which has a tang of Hajmola in its essence for that tang, and Golden Green Tea, which is a revamp from boring to bold with the amalgamation of honey and lemon, that are natural antioxidants.

Their cakes however literally take the 'cake' with the sheer heart-melting variety and life-size slices.

The various cakes on offer in this nippy chill, each with its characteristic flavor are:

  • Chocolate Factory
  • Date and Fig
  • Masala Chai
  • Apple Streusal

Needless to say, I had a fantastic time at Chaayos and shall keep coming back for मेरी वाली चाय and मेरा वाला नाश्ता. :)

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