Friday, 30 December 2016

Smart Toilets With French Collection By Somany...

Somany Ceramics crosses another milestone with the launch of an exclusive French Collection range. This, in fact, marks a new definition of the Smart Toilet Category. The company is a pioneer in the Indian ceramic industry. Their latest launch is an exquisite, inclusive, and intuitive design-centric French Collection range.

In fact, this is their most premium offering till date. But definitely, is not the last. In fact, this presents a new horizon of higher expectations from the Indian ceramic industry. Rather, Somany Ceramics enters a new world of the smart and intelligent toilet market. And this range is an offering of contemporary unique designs, high technology, and seamless performance.

As a matter of fact, these trendy designs are winning the hearts of builders, architects, and consumers quite effortlessly. As the global focus is trending towards green initiatives, smart cities, and high sustainability, Somany Ceramics is not far behind in joining the bandwagon.

It is important to introduce sustainable living against the increasing threats of global warming. That is the reason for global and Indian construction companies focusing on the development of smart cities. As we all know, smart cities, in turn, create a smart nation. On the other hand, smart buildings and homes create smart cities.

And, in fact, when we talk about smart homes, the concept starts with smart bathrooms. Smart bathrooms intend to promote sustainable development and efficient energy management. In this regard, therefore, any smart bathroom must offer completely integrated solutions like smart toilets, automatic flush systems, and automatic faucets.

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