Wednesday, 7 December 2016

#GetSetRoar Against Breast Cancer At #LaFemmeMotarde

Breast cancer majorly occurs in women. But it has a possibility to occur in men too, though the chances are quite bleak. Broadly, symptoms of breast cancer include a lump in the breast, substantial changes in the shape or texture, or bloody discharge. The appearance of symptoms does not imply the severity or stage. Therefore early detection is very important. For this, a regular checkup needs to be done. There are various treatments depending on the stage of cancer. These include chemotherapy, hormone therapy, surgery, and radiation therapy. The chances of its occurring are higher in above 19 years of age.

Fortis La Femme is doing a lot about breast cancer awareness and treatment. A bike rally with female riders was held a few days back on 4th December 2016 in Delhi to present a breast cancer awareness campaign in a unique manner. The rally not only marks the continuance of Fortis La Femme's special offer for breast check-ups at all of its facilities in Bengaluru but also offer a free mammography for hundred underprivileged women. The latter part is in association with the Rotary Club of India.

Fortis La Femme is a state of the art facility. The core belief behind is that a woman is a very special entity requiring special attention. Therefore, it aims to provide an exhaustive clinical and holistic attention which is designed exclusively for women. This exclusive care intends to cover every stage of a woman's life right from her birth.

It further includes adolescence, motherhood, menopause, and beyond. Therefore, medical facilities at the hospital include Obstetrics (Painless Labor), Gynaecology, Neonatology (Level III NICU), Anaesthesia, General Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery,  Cosmetic Surgeries, Genetic Medicine, and Fetal Medicine.

The whole idea behind the concept of women bikers rally was to encourage women from all walks of life to shed boldly, all their inhibitions when it comes to their own health and care. The woman of our society performing multiple roles brilliantly dares to do anything and everything as far as her family is concerned. But she stays least attentive towards her own health. That was the core reason behind this initiative by Fortis La Femme.

The initiative was launched with this fabulous message from La Femme - Don't be a fence sitter, come out and join many like-minded women who are all fighting for a cause. A cause that is yours. Ride with La Femme to fight against breast cancer and let the world feel the roar that is inside you. It’s time to feel the fear, feel the courage and feel the hope. Register now!

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