Sunday, 18 December 2016

Jungle Jamboree Revisited...

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My first visit to Jungle Jamboree was for a dinner spree at their outlet in Connaught Place, which I had chronicled here, but if you haven't read it, do so after you read about the second one, to their newest outlet in Rajouri Garden.

Jungle Jamboree in Rajouri Garden is the newest kid on the food scene in West Delhi and has quite a few similarities and differences to and from its sibling in CP.

While the outlet in CP was spread across three floors, this one is on one, but the space is duly utilized to replicate the theme, ambiance and concept with a similar division into Jungle and Aqua, with animal and water sounds playing in the background respectively.

While the Kids' Area encompassed an entire floor in CP, here it is still underway, and there is a separate section on the same floor, adjoining the dining area.

I had visited this outlet barely a week into its launch and so the place was decked with green and blue balloons too, to celebrate the launch. Yet another point that works in this outlet's favor is its prominent location - right on the main Rajouri Garden crossing. It is this fact that will add to their patronage as it is here, that an establishment cannot be visually missed.

The staff here was cordial and prompt, as had been the case in CP. We were led to the restaurant premises through an elevator. Ala Carte, however has not been formally introduced here yet, so we decided to proceed with the seven-course buffet.

In line with their theme and appeal, it is a family restaurant, and even though we visited on a weekday for lunch, the place was gradually house full by the time we left. Chef Narayan Singh was really attentive and open to all bouquets and brickbats. There were a few dishes prepared better here than at CP outlet and vice versa also held true.

The format of service for the buffet remains similar - Indian Chaats, Soups & Salads, Indian Appetizers, Global Appetizers, Indian Main Course, Global Main Course, Desserts, and Paired Drinks - some courses served by stewards, rest for self-service to a laid out buffet, and an on-table grill for skewered appetizers.

The laid-out buffet was as extensive as the one in CP, with a wide variety and nice taste lent to all dishes. Additionally, also tried their Pizza which did not have your regular cheese and run-of-the-mill toppings but was light and crisp.

Pink Lady, Blue Lagoon, and Virgin Mojito were drinks that were a bit savory in nature. Their Jungle Jamboree themed mocktails and shakes here, however, take the cake. While Jamboree Special was served in a hollow pineapple shell, and was on the sweeter side, Jungle Kick was served in a hollow coconut shell and provided a literal kick, as it was all spiced up with Ginger Ale, Tobasco Sauce and ground spices and the Kiwi Shake came in a tall glass and was thick and flavorful on the palate.

The dessert spread was elaborate too, with the Paan Ice-cream stealing the show as always. Also, their mousses are smooth on the palate. 

Here's hoping that Jungle Jamboree will be able to create a roar in Rajouri Garden too, as it has successfully done in Connaught Place. :)

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