Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Life Is Similar To A Semicolon

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L;fe ;s s;m;lar to a sem;colon. 
It could have been ended, but it wasn't. :)


The Story of a Suicide is written by Sriram Ayer and illustrated by Ghana. Illustrations are as fabulous as the story. The story is more than what that title says. It is about hope and a stimulus to the youth to bring them to a level where they are empowered to stay alive, motivated, and strong.

Nobody should think about committing suicide as this is not an act of courage. First of all a person should avoid such situations where one's self-confidence borders the extent of void, and the person is forced to believe that it is best not to stay hand in hand with life. There are many ways of doing it. There are many ways of staying alive in this real world without losing a bit of courage and hope. The only thing required is a sound mind - positive thoughts and will-power to stay strong under all circumstances.

The Story of a Suicide by Sriram Ayer is a story of four main characters – Sam, Charu, Hari, and Mani. All four have lead their own life, have their own routine. And none of them on this Earth is devoid of any stresses or issues in life. Each of them has to face a number of problems from time to time. And each one carves her/his own way to deal with such situations and keep negativity at bay.

The most important thing is to never give up under such conditions as depression in life. If we keep fighting and aim towards success, no failure can deter us for long. That is where each of the thirty-one chapters of this fantastic book keeps conveying from time to time. Each chapter intrigues and prompts to introspect. That way the book is a must read for all youth and parents, especially. On a second thought, I think everyone should read this book.

Being a teacher there have been many instances in my life where I have seen students sink into depression and helplessness. They reach to an extent where they see no way out of their problems. This makes them surrender totally and ultimately stop trying to find the way out of the maze.

At times, it is their friends or peers that have an involvement in such situations. Another important factor that can bring youth to this corner is pressure from parents. Though time has changed and parents are much liberal now, but there have been many instances when a young boy or girl is rejected in the family because of various reasons. That rejection causes negative impacts in life. And at time it reaches to an extent where suicide seems the only way out to be away from such situations.

The Story of a Suicide by Sriram Ayer is woven so artistically to create a kind of situation in front of the reader with a set of pointers at the end of every chapter. That set of pointers is a unique feature in this book. These pointers help in realizing the crux of real life where similar kinds of situations arise.

These situations like social anxiety, peer pressure, cyber-bullying, bullying, sexual harassment, rape etc. are such that the victim starts living under guilt. This starts drifting him away from life. This book motivates  and helps to stay away from such guilt and harbor positivism.

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