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Knotty Tales By Gauri And Pallavee: Of Creative Endeavors...

Knotty Tales Pop-Up

Wednesday,​ ​August 17

The Lodhi

Mumbai's sought-after event designer - Knotty Tales - a bold venture by Gauri Pradhan Tejwani and Pallavee Rajniesh Duggall - had come to Delhi for its maiden show. And, I was invited to witness the same. 

First things first, I must applaud Gauri and Pallavee's entrepreneurial spirit for going ahead with an idea that aims to showcase sheer creativity and talent - providing budding designers of various genres and forms across the country with a common platform to pitch their products to the masses. 

Encompassing fashion, food, jewelry, beauty, home-decor - you name it, and Knotty Tales hosted it. It was an exhibition that was a potpourri of flair, art and appreciation of skilled presentation, 

It was very endearing to see that most of the participating brands were being steered to success by women, either solely, or in partnership. Either way, it was a welcome move by Gauri and Pallavee to have collaborated with such inspiring creators. 

As matter of fact, some of these participants had come from not just Mumbai and Delhi, but also from other cities spreads across the length and breadth of our country. 


Some of the brands which caught my fancy were: 

  • Arture - handbags, wallets, purses - made of Cork, non-leather, eco-friendly. 
  • Clutch'D - hand-embroidered clutches, selling in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Chennai. 
  • Bobo Calcutta - artistry on apparel from Calcutta - art which you can wear! 
Bobo Calcutta

Artistic Handbags from Bobo
  • Bling Accessories by Srishti Gandhi - one-stop-shop for accessories, based in Delhi. 
Bling Accessories
  • Crave Connect - fashionable footwear - quality designer footwear. 
Crave Connect
  • Mommy A To Z - cutesy baby clothes - kids apparel - for all occasions! 
Mommy A-Z
  • Dhora - jewelry handcrafted from Jaipur. 



I'm sure all the participating brands and budding designers at Knotty Tales would scale the heights of success in their endeavors sooner or later. Kudos to Gauri and Pallavee for having provided them with such an ingenious platform to showcase their artistic renditions! :)

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