Sunday, 28 August 2016

An Upside Down "DR∀M∀"

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"DR∀M∀" - The Upside Down Bar - is the newest entrant into the happening food scene at BK Dutt Market, Rajouri Garden.

The concept-driven restaurant is full of dramatic elements - wherever one sees - and that too upside down. The walls and ceilings boast of upside down lamps, furniture, fireplaces, aquariums, bookshelves, bowling pins, et al, even an upside down Ferrari and there are 'Selfie Spots' aplenty in this establishment spread across three levels and a rooftop.

Characterized by dim-lit interiors, spacious seating, and DJ playing music, the quirky nomenclature of dishes is what sets the place apart from the rest. There is also the presence of two video game kiosks in a corner on the first floor. Each floor has a separate theme, so you're free to choose if you like the party animal aura or prefer it to be a bit more on the calmer side while you have your food.

There is evident aesthetic "DR∀M∀" in the plating and presentation of the dishes as well, with some being brought on board "DR∀M∀ Railways" while others are plated in a life-size sea shell or in a cage (didn't try that) or in upside down umbrellas or on a bed of chilies - red and green, coming from Chef Akshay Nayyar.

Some of the dishes also seem to draw inspiration from Social Media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

Here's a low-down on the dishes and drinks we tried on what was a 'Private Screening' held day before yesterday.

* Orange Passion (Mocktail) - served in a tall Tiki Glass, with the quintessential orange slice topping on the side.

* Mid Summer (Mocktail) - a salty mocktail.

* Good old Virgin Mojito

* Masachos - Nachos with generous layering of melted cheese.

* Whatsapp Kebab - Hariyali Kebabs filled with melted cheese.

* Bambaiya Soya Wings - Soya Chaap served with mint dip and Litti (taking from Bihari Cuisine).

* Tanchurian - a barbecued spin-off on the Chinese Manchurian.

* Chin Chin Chicken - Chilly Chicken served in a sea shell full of chilly.

* Funjabi Machchi Fry - fish cutlets sprinkled with sesame seeds in an upside down umbrella.

* Dhakkan Murg Makkhan (classic Butter Chicken) along with choice of Indian Breads.

* Agni Lava Brownie (chocolate brownies) and Bhains Milk Cake. (served in shot glasses)

Also wanted to try their Berry Ananas Roshogulla - pineapple and blueberry (which was being plated when we had just arrived - have only a pic) and Tandoori Paan.

Both of these are DR∀M∀'s signature, but I guess these two will remain on the bucket list until next time. 

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