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What's All This 'Tamasha' About?

Just yesterday, while browsing through the myriad channels on television and being bored by News, enough to switch over to the Movies, I landed on &Pictures, aiming to publicize a premier by its HD twin, proclaiming thus - &picturesHD – India’s premium mass Hindi movie channel keeping its promise of #HDfirst will premiere ‘Tamasha’ on Saturday, 30th April at 8 PM. 

At the back of my mind, it occurred to me that we had made a beeline for the multiplex when Tamasha had released, partly because I was intrigued by its upbeat trailer and partly motivated by the sea of positive reviews surrounding it.

The 'Dream Film Trinity' so as to say, comprised of the impeccable direction of Imtiaz Ali,  and brilliant portrayals by heartthrobs Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor had come together to conceptualize and present to us, another stellar masterpiece - Tamasha.

The choice of story line, the essence of which, seemed to connect, is what made me decide that we had to book our tickets to watch this one on the 70mm screen.

A person who seemed vexed by the socially bounding limitations of conducting oneself and the notion of conforming to which, seemed to distress him. Battling the loss of self as opposed to the 'baffling yet befitting' social norms is a concept that I buy, and thus, I was made to identify with the 'Tamasha' that our society has made out of itself, nowadays too.

Now that the film is all set to make an appearance before Indian audiences yet again next week, I was prompted to give my readers some reasons to tune into &Pictures HD on a relaxing Saturday night, at prime time! :)

What’s All This ‘Tamasha’ About? :)  


At Constant War With The 9-to-5 Monotony 

Imtiaz Ali had very candidly revealed once that the concept of the film comes from the fact that the talent in most people is not tapped to their full potential if they fail to discover and pursue the life-path that suits them best. One such individual is Ved (whose character has been enacted by Ranbir Kapoor), who is trapped in a world which is not suited to him. He brings to celluloid, an inner fight between acceptance of societal norms and pursuing one’s passion. We relate to his dreariness, that which we sometimes conveniently refer to as ‘schedule’.

Travel Makes The World Go Round! 

Imtiaz’s films are known to revolve and revel around the fact that travel and exploration can be a game changer in one’s life. And, Tamasha is no different. It is interesting to see how the movie explores new countries centered around love as the core theme coupled with many twists and turns. The exotic locations of Corsica, Tokyo, Delhi, Shimla and Kolkata blend into the movie beautifully and give the movie a myriad-hued palette.

Mona Darling Brings Don Along! 

The characters in the movie come alive and how! Deepika as Mona Darling and Ranbir as Don are very fresh to watch and are the pulse of the movie. The bohemian, starry eyed Don and the fashionable Mona Darling are no less than a treat to witness. Together, they set out to explore the picturesque French island with the dreaded yet exciting star signifying Terms and Conditions Applied of course!

Emulating Soul With A Funky Undertone 

When the Oscar winning composer A R Rahman agrees to curate the music for the film, it is like the cherry to the cake. Irshad Kamil's lyrics touch the soul and add a new dimension to the story. From ‘Matargashti’ to ‘Heer Toh Badi Sad Hai’, the songs evoke a series of emotions in the audience’s hearts. The music, accompanied by its amazing visuals has definitely been enacted to impress.

Bollywood’s Dream Team… 

One cannot help but stand amazed at the brilliant chemistry between Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. Even apart from that, Tamasha’s Ved comes across as Ranbir breakthrough performance in a long time. Deepika’s impeccable portrayal and her ability to make us fall in love with Tara from Tamasha is once again applauded. Add to it, Imtiaz’s sheer artistic excellence and it is bound to be magical!


I am surely excited to watch Tamasha, once again, this time on my television. All thanks to #HDFirst at &Pictures HD, I was able to list out my favorite nuances about this 'Tamasha', through this blog-post.

You'd also be watching along, next Saturday, won't you? Meanwhile, do tell me about your favorites below while we await the World HD Premiere of Tamasha on &picturesHD on Saturday, 30th April at 8 PM! :)

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