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PR, The IndiBlogger Way!


Launch of IndiPR, by India's leading and most loved Blogging Community, IndiBlogger


Friday, April 8


Over the World Wide Web, and Indian Blogging horizon! :)

The other day, I overheard a conversation in the Delhi Metro. As always, observations in any means of public transport make for interesting chronicles, over here or even otherwise.

Sounds like a familiar word, doesn't it, nowadays?

It's THE catchphrase now, Dude!
I have one, too. 
Do you? 

I have a Weblog. 

What's that, mate? 
We - blog: Do you have a co-authored blog? 

Me: *Too amazed to respond* 
        *Should've better been on my own* 


Contemplating on what I had just heard, it dawned upon me that I had been an audience to the observance of the adage 'Ignorance is Bliss', yet again. Here was Yours Truly, who is a genuine blogger, and here were these simpletons, discussing 'THE' catchphrase, in their opinion. 

There has been a perpetual debate over being or not being a Blogger in the true sense. By true sense, I aim to refer to individuals who 'blog' not just for the sake of it but those who pursue it as a driving force, which motivates them to express themselves and express themselves well. 

But then, we live in a country where the sense of expression and the sensibility of freedom - of expression, or otherwise - is so abused, that it is better to maintain a steady stand. 

While there's no denying the fact that slow and steady, we have come to acknowledge Blogging and the Art (no less than Science, though!) that it is, considering the mushrooming we have here, we cannot just turn a blind eye to the fact that there remain MANY such people who consider it as a hobby, pastime, or such. 

While Blogging is a life-science in itself, having helped me appreciate the abundance of creative expression within others and myself, and there can be a thesis of sorts on that too, but more on that some other time. 


Fridays are meant for relaxation, and the one that just went by was no different. As soon as I accessed my email that day, I heaved a sigh of relief. I was caught unaware by my blogging community, IndiBlogger, and their naive but re-introduced Kiddo, IndiPR

As is the norm with initiatives, this particular 'New Kid On The Block' was not so new to me, but I guess it had just returned from its summer vacation of sorts, with a makeover for itself. And, boy! Was I impressed, or was I Impressed? 

IndiPR (formerly IndiOne) had been unveiled by IndiBlogger! :D 

This mail in my inbox lent a reassurance - There is Hope... For Bloggers... 


If none else, my fellow bloggers would identify with the fact that Blogging and being a Blogger is no child's play. And, IndiBlogger as a bloggers' platform, takes their act seriously. 

Well, one may or may not choose to keep their blog abuzz with the latest happenings in their niche, by the means of attending events and blogging about the same. That comes along with a fair share of PRs by PRs. :D 

PRs, that are pressing on us, bloggers to release those PRs by the means of our digital selves, more often than not, for mere peanuts. PRs, that fail to realize that Blogging ain't monkeying around!  

In accordance with their core ideology and in order to toss those mundane and run-of-mill Press Releases into the bin, while resolving to make it known that this pursuit is not to be taken for granted, IndiBlogger has come up with IndiPR. 

That for me, is PR, the IndiBlogger way.


IndiBlogger says they are 2007-Forever. With each passing day, month and year, IndiBlogger has been growing - by the means of being populated by Indians who once wished to establish themselves as Bloggers, Indians who are at the top of their game, and Indians who are gradually learning the ropes as well. IndiBlogger is Mini India, I believe, mirroring the potpourri of creativity! :)

Their growth has not just been in terms of quantity - statistics - six digit figures or such, but in the terms of quality that each individual's perspective on various topics and genres of interest. 

IndiPR, thus comes across as yet another milestone, wherein a blogger has the creative freedom to blog about an organisation's newly launched product or initiative. While acting as an effective intermediary to diminish the communication gap between Businesses and quality Bloggers aka Influencers, I believe IndiPR redefines B2B! :) 

The swanky new A.I.T.E. has piqued my curiosity as it incorporates Artificial Intelligence into itself. The ‘Automated Influencer Targeting Engine’ as it likes to be addressed, proceeds to accept applications, and automatically shortlists bloggers, for Press Releases uploaded by businesses, based on various factors including internal rankings. Their system just needs the Press Release and the rest would be history, Karthik DR, Co-founder & Business Head at IndiBlogger says. :)

Upon being shortlisted and accepting the Project (Yes, one can Decline as well), apart from rejoicing as the first reaction, the influencers are to publish their articles, choosing to either mirror the release or add their own element to it. 

While I am enjoying being a 'beta tester' of sorts to A.I.T.E. at the receiving end, I am waiting for it to learn with time and tailor itself to the blogger's niche or their performance with respect to a particular article. (A.I.T.E. rates bloggers secretly, y'know!)

Renie Ravin, Founder and CEO of IndiBlogger, opines that in a way, one could be writing about the next Google without even realizing its immense potential. 

Gradually, I am being told that IndiPR would not be restricted only to SEO and content marketing but also expand to creative assignments, invitations to attend the trendiest launch events and being privy to the latest news on the planet. That's like a Blogger's Secret Society, albeit open to all Bloggers! :) 


I'm all set for my experience with IndiPR and A.I.T.E. as a Blogger, an IndiBlogger. 
Are You? :) 


For more information on IndiPR, visit https://www.indipr.com/ first. Feel free to bother Co-founder & Director of Marketing at IndiBlogger, Anoop Johnson, then. Write to IB at contact@indipr.com or pester them with calls at +91-9900-001655 or 0124-4891498! :) 

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