Wednesday, 20 April 2016

PlaceofOrigin - An Ultimate Range Of Tea and Coffee

PlaceofOrigin can now be undoubtedly termed as India’s first and only one marketplace for specialty Indian foods, regional specialties, and ethnic foods. It is an online conglomerate of producer and end consumer in a real sense. When you place your order online on PlaceOfOrigin for any available food products, it is automatically forwarded to the genuine producer of those products which then get directly delivered to the end consumer. The story does not end here. This ocean has more precious gems to explore. It is not only popular among the food fanatics across the country but all tea and coffee lovers too, are an ardent fan of this portal.

The website is simple to navigate yet powerful to deliver in the best possible manner. There is a wide range of Tea and Coffee that is offered on PlaceOfOrigin. Most of the varieties of tea – green tea, chamomile tea, ginger tea, organic tea, and so on are available. The same is true for different variants of coffee. Now, a refreshing cup of hot tea or coffee remains incomplete without its most liked accompaniments - snacks like cake, namkeen, biscuits etc. I bet there is not a single quality food product that is missing here. You can even find those tea variants that are not easily available and are made available online for the first time. Some of the most wanted tea specialties are Long Island Green Tea, Bohag Organic CTC, Green Tea with Himalayan Tulsi and Rhododendron, Palampore Kangra Leaf Green Tea & Kesari Mango, and a lot more.

When it comes to coffee, you will find all your favorite blends and products here. La Bamba Dark Roast Coffee, The Sunkissed Blend, Eka – Whole Bean, The Deep Bliss Blend, Rogue River Blend Medium Roast Coffee, Rain Song Dark Roast Coffee, French Vanilla Coffee, and much more are the part of a large variety of coffee available here. The new variants are constantly added to the Coffee section. For instance, Panduranga Aroma Grand Coffee is the latest newcomer. Similarly, in Tea section, there are few latest entrants like Spearmint Green Tea, Yellow Saffron Tea, Oolong Tea, Spearmint Infusion Tea, Chamomile Tea, and Green Tea with Tulsi.

The great thing about PlaceOfOrigin is that every time you visit the portal, you find a few more variants added to all the sections – tea, coffee, snacks etc. This fact can be treated as a great way to engage with the end consumers as they keep awaiting the new additions to PlaceOfOrigin's e-catalogue.

PlaceofOrigin - An Ultimate Range Of Tea and Coffee

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