Sunday, 17 April 2016

#HoppingoBeforeShoppingo With See-Commerce!

Hoppingo is soon going to emerge as the new digital haven for shoppers. E-commerce is a blessing for all online shoppers. There are many reasons behind such popularity. Online shopping is available to you 24x7 with no store opening and closing timings. Therefore, despite all your hectic schedules, you can manage your shopping schedules at your ease and comfort, even on-the-go or at your leisure time thus not impacting your work or important tasks. Visiting a store and sparing enough time to explore has really become difficult. 

Imagine if there was no online shopping available, it would have been a real pain in the neck to visit a store squeezing such a requirement amid all the chaotic timelines. And on top of it a physical visit to a store is not always fruitful. Sometimes the sales guys are not that instinctive to pay attention and understand what you need exactly. At times it happens that you select an item, pay the bill, pick up your packet and when you reach home, you find it is a wrong piece packed, not the one you finalized. It also happens that you realize later the purchase you made was not worth the amount you paid.

That is where Hoppingo comes into picture as a shopper’s paradise for such and many more reasons. The digital haven called Hoppingo is India’s first platform on the innovative concept known as “See-Commerce”. It is not like any other e-commerce portal just showcasing a number of products in various categories for you to pick and choose from. Hoppingo is unlike other e-commerce sites that expontiate the confusion as you go on browsing. It is a logical interface between the seller and the buyer. You get millions and millions of products showcased by a number of e-stores in their prime. Hoppingo dives into these plethora of e-stores most intelligently. All you have to do is – See. And you can set your eyes on a range of products – all at one place! 

#HoppingoBeforeShoppingo With See-Commerce!

We fancy a certain delight in visiting e-stores, having saved ourselves from the physical fatigue of visiting their brick and mortar counterparts, blissfully ignoring the mental fatigue we’ve bargained for, instead. Lured by the creative visuals and designs of such platforms on the Web, we end up harassing ourselves to no end. At times, selecting and adding products to one’s wishlist may seem promising but those products end up as only being ‘wished’ for, thanks to one’s moodiness and lethargy. 
Hoppingo’s USP is the fact that they help save time when it comes to e-shopping. From classy and corporate to funky and festive, Hoppingo showcases products in the most organised and detailed fashion. 

Their expert product curators don’t just help navigate through products sourced from a heap of e-stores, but also offer invaluable advice on the finer nuances of shopping online. See it, to believe it. There’s always #HoppingoBeforeShoppingo as India’s First See-Commerce Experience! 

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