Thursday, 10 December 2015

#ResponsibleTourism Requires Introspection...

Is increasing tourism a threat to nature and to our ecosystem? Does it impact the lives of various fauna and their valuable habitats when we visit them? Are we the sole cause to the wastage of water, energy and precious natural resources when we visit any new place? 

These are some questions, the answers to which are more questions. However, the second set of interrogative statements is more introspective in nature. Do you not feel like questioning your actions whenever your conscience does not approve of them? 

I believe each soul is a traveller. A traveller must also ensure that they abide by #ResponsibleTourism for all times when they are travelling and to familiarise other travellers visiting their city, state, or country. Just ask yourself the following questions and look within, for honest answers. 

As a tourist what are the disciplines I need to follow? Do I need to look around for others to guide me for maintenance and sustenance of Mother Nature? Do I not know from the core of my heart what is good and what is bad? Am I, unknowingly being the cause for the destruction of nature?
There are many pointers that we can divert our attention to while travelling, staying at, and enjoying the beauty of classic, unique or offbeat destinations. It is for sure that must not be aware of everything about the said destination. 

But still, there are some basic guidelines that we can adhere to, to exude a certain positivism and responsibility about being a traveller. Simple acts can help become a responsible traveller.Try to understand the impacting factors of locale. 

Some universal factors need to be adhered to like: 

  1. Shun smoking or indulgence in alcoholism.
  2. Don’t use wood for bonfires at hilly and remote locations.
  3. Don’t litter/throw garbage/plastic/food leftovers and other such items 
  4. Limit the use of power to as little as you can.
  5. Don’t waste water.
  6. Buy from locals, made by locals.
  7. Engage yourself in the activities of local communities – their festivals, their rituals, their joys and happiness.
  8. Don’t poke your nose into the mannerisms of fauna. Let them stay and live their own life in jungles. If you don’t like their interference in your life, what right have you, to interfere in their lives?
  9. Buy/eat organic food.
  10. Don’t demand plastic bags while making your purchases.
  11. Use electrical gadgets to the least extent hence reducing power consumption.
  12. Don’t offer food to animals in the jungle/sea/lake/river. They have their own ecosystem and food chains designed by nature.
  13. Don’t make noise in jungles. Imagine a pride of lions roaring around you while you and your family are asleep? Weird, right? Your loud music or shouts might disturb them as well.
  14. Buy gifts/products for your friends and family members crafted by local communities.
  15. Think of giving something good in return at a place where you are vacating, touring, visiting or staying.  If you love to enjoy, create an enjoyable atmosphere for the local communities too, by the  give and take of perspectives and ideologies.

Responsibility comes from within. We don’t need someone else to teach us how to become a responsible tourist. Let us set an example for others rather than becoming a bad example to be ill-mouthed by others who care for nature and natural habitats. 


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