Saturday, 12 December 2015

An Outlook Towards Responsible Tourism...


#ResponsibleTourism Conclave by Outlook Traveller.


Wednesday, December 9.


ITC Maurya, New Delhi.


When I stepped out of the house, I didn’t realize it would be so enlightening and thoughtful. I was delighted that so many vexing activities that I used to observe other travelers doing, during my vacations to various destinations, are now the point of discussion for the whole world. There are initiatives like responsible traveling, green traveling, and sustainable traveling, and so on. People are now thinking about wastage of natural resources, and its overconsumption.

The event was themed around Responsible Tourism organized by the reputed Outlook Traveller magazine. There were speakers from pan-India and all across the globe. We had esteemed speakers from various parts of India. The keynote was presented by Indranil Roy, President, and Publisher, Outlook Group. The Guest of Honor was Vinod Zutshi, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. The enlightening opening address was by Harold Goodwin, Professor of Responsible Tourism, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Director, International Center for Responsible Tourism. It was good to notice that the alertness around being sane and acting responsibly as an informed traveler and tourist is rising at a good pace. The pressure is on all stakeholders connected with Tourism. It does not matter whether you are on this side or that side. Everyone now has to be aware of the condemnable actions against nature, its risks, and its intricacies.

There were a lot of learning points during all the sessions. The first session had a good amount of brainstorming on Responsible Tourism associated with it. There was a session on luxury tourism, focussed around - Can luxury be responsible? There were great insights on the topic from Nakul Anand, Executive Director, ITC. We learned that there are a lot of green and responsible tourism related stands being taken by ITC on the global front. Another good point of learning was that the value and commodity basket of luxury changes with the time. What was luxury yesterday is a necessity today in tourism.

Communication is the main key for responsible tourism. There are certainly good things happening in a scattered way that need to be consolidated and all energies should flow in a unilateral manner. Once all energies being implied in this direction across the globe get synchronized, the adoption and learning will be faster and at a wider scale. Then people will not look at each other to become a responsible tourist or a responsible tourism deploying agency on the other side. Whatever is the case and whichever side you are standing, the message has to be absorbed so well that the action points start flowing in everyone’s blood.


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  1. I have been reading a lot of posts on Responsible Tourism these days...great to read here also!

    1. I am glad you felt great to read this one, Alok.
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