Friday, 25 December 2015

For The Disco Foodies...


Launch of Barbeque Nation's Bollywood Disco Carnival, with Disco King Bappi Lahiri.


Tuesday, December 22.


Barbeque Nation, Jangpura.

You can choose to celebrate this Christmas and New Year with Barbeque Nation. You will not be alone in this celebration. You would enjoy good company with the great Disco King Bappi Lahiri by your side. You will also have an exhaustive menu of a number of 'disco-licious' dishes at your disposal during this festive season while dining at Barbeque Nation.

This festive season has been christened by Barbeque Nation as 'Bollywood Disco Carnival' while paying a tribute to the great period of Bollywood disco. The Legend, Bappi Lahiri is the perfect choice as Brand Ambassador for this occasion. Bappi Lahiri, as everyone knows, is the man behind bringing disco to Bollywood in the early eighties.

It was an honour to meet the king of Bollywood disco, Bappi Lahiri, in person at the opening of the Barbeque Nation’s gala Disco Carnival. The legendary singer, music composer and music director would be visiting a number of Barbeque Nation restaurants during this Carnival, running from December 18 to January 3 as a double bonanza for celebrating your Christmas and New Year in Bollywood Style. The Disco Carnival is being celebrated in all of the 15 outlets in Delhi-NCR region. Besides this, it is also being celebrated in Barbeque Nation’s outlets in Jaipur, Lucknow, Chandigarh and Mohali.

The highlight of the evening was the reveal of Bappi Da's jingle 'Disco Barbeque' capturing the attention of all music lovers and foodies alike. At the launch, Mr Manish Pandey, Regional Operations Manager, North and Bappi Da jointly introduced the concept behind the carnival.

These seventeen days of gastronomic festivity are like an entertainment hotspot at Barbeque Nation. The ambience is totally revamped to match up to discotheques. All patrons should be prepared to pass through a giant disco-ball shaped entrance at all these outlets during this period. The entrance will be decorated with strobe lights as a welcoming gesture to the customers. Once you are inside, the vibrant and jazzy surroundings will take you back to the Bollywood disco era. You will find flashy disco balls, a colourful LED dance floor and glow-in-the-dark headbands to mesmerise you with disco beats.

Make sure to treat yourself to Bappi Da's favourite Prawn dish, Jimmy Chingri alongside other such delicacies in the menu which draw inspiration from the legends hit compositions in the musical past. Don’t forget to customise your experience and enjoy Barbeque Nation’s DIY (Do It Yourself) cuisine in Bollywood disco style during this festive season. It is sure a novel campaign to engage Bollywood fanatics! 

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