Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Deafening Silence...

यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता: |
यत्र एता: न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफला: क्रिया: || 


I am a Woman. 

I have been a silent spectator to the passage of time and the occurrence of events. 

Being the bearer of the virtues and the vices, I stand here to recount my fate. 

Would you like to embark with me on an overwhelming sojourn commencing at the outset of the fourth dimension? 


Just as a seed is sown into and sprouts from the soil, so too does one's perspective of societal norms shape up from the root school of  thought. 

Just as it is futile to expect the infertile soil to yield to fertility, so too is it in vain to anticipate the inception of radical sentiment to pave the path to a liberal viewpoint. 

Etched in their minds was that deep-rooted societal norm, which strangled their daughters, who yielded to demise. 

Time and tide wait for none. For them, the time had whizzed past and the tide had turned disastrously. 


The equivalence of status during the Vedic times had been negated and the balance had been tipped off. Her longing for her right to life, to make it worthwhile, albeit suppressed, made its presence known. 

They were stone-hearted to have posed deaf ears and blind eyes to her innocent wish to embark on a journey of knowledge. For they considered her aspirations to be as inconsequential as her existence. 

She had been ripped off her dignity and reduced to that which they addressed as an object. Oppression and obsession clouded the feminine and masculine divide. 

They had their way by means of force - nipping her in the bud and equating her to an agency of wealth and fortune. 

What they did not realize was that she learned to walk a shackled crawl. The thorns that were strewn in her path were transformed to roses upon her gentle touch. 

They set her to limited means but failed to acknowledge the fact that her goals were infinitive and so was her perseverance to achieve them. 

The strength in her will and the power in her ability were realized when her contributions elevated their social standing. 


For, when is it that you see the oppressed aid the oppressor through their innumerable efforts which often go unacknowledged, unseen, unheard? 

They do not realize their folly of having created an unscalable mound of sand, which would take away with itself, their existence as well. For it is in peaceful co-existence that any collaboration is able to strive and thrive for the time to come. 


Desirous of an equal footing in terms of societal norms, she does not realize that her true victory would be when the disparity of a discriminative patriarchy and matriarchy are done away with. 

By being special and by feeling so, for her own self, she would be able to equate her existence with freedom, which would reign supreme. 

For, it is in unison that the ultimate is reached and in disparity that the thought is left wandering. 

Thus, it is not a question of want. It is a question of erasing the boundaries which limit our horizons. 

It is in discovering the identity of the being, that you would carve your niche, Dear... 

Weaving one's own silhouette in hues of havoc, 
Observing blueprints to rid oneself of all panic. 
Maintaining rigorous stances in times of crisis, 
Adapting to ever-varying spatial circumstances 
Nestling carefully in oneself, inception of roots 


That is how graceful she is. 

Carving Her Nation, INDIA,

The Woman Of Today. :)


I’m blogging for the India Today Woman Summit 2015 #WomenPower activity at BlogAdda.

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