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A New Me With #DefinitelyPTE...

When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable. 

Clifton Fadiman hit the nail on the head with this quote of his, and I am not sure whether he the same perspective in mind that I do but this statement fits like a puzzle piece in the jigsaw of the higher education or professional pursuance scenario.

Come to think of it, settlement in foreign lands is certainly not a piece of cake, more so in the nascent stage, even if one sets foot on non-native land by virtue of learning or career.

Migration is not an alien concept to mankind, given the fact that our lifestyle today stems from a nomadic beginning that delved gradually into long-term settlement ever since the stone age.

The scenario hasn't changed much, even today, since the reasons for such an exodus are largely attributed to individual want for an enhanced standard of living coupled with the unsaid yet prominent manifestation of an enriched culture.


While overseas education is very much the 'in-thing', it is the 'behind-the-scenes' action that an individual's peers often overlook as spectators. The move is often viewed as an element of pride to be boasted about in circles more often than not, by one's immediate relatives. However, it is the preparation for the switch that is sapping on more fronts than one for a person who firmly decides to 'just do it'.

A similar fate unfolds for an individual who attempts to sap foreign lands for liquid gains on the professional front, be it a short-term or long-term avenue.

It is a commendable decision nonetheless, to let go of the homeland, even if for a few years at a stretch for the aforesaid forks in the road.


More often than not, it is a steadfast positive attitude that makes the journey smooth-sailing. Being capable of adjusting to peculiar situations not only provides strength to the character but also enhances the world-view perspective. 

After all, life begins where the comfort zone ends and exploration of the self begins when one is subjected to unfamiliar terrains, is it not? 

Given the fact that self-reliance leads to self-realization in such a scenario, it comes as no surprise that distance makes the heart grow fonder. 


While zeroing in on the subject of specialization and the institute of interest is itself an insurmountable task, accustoming oneself to the variation in student culture (and otherwise also)
is also no child's play. 

On the other hand, most of the application processes are also intellectually taxing in terms of drafting a Statement of Purpose and ensuring that all relevant documents are in place for the most part. 

To add to these is the woe of ascertaining a dependable source to finance one's scholarly sojourn. 

As if these weren't hurdles aplenty, the elephant in the room - passport validities and associated visa applications - are yet to arrive. 

To top it all, deducing the nitty-gritty of student accommodation in a foreign land is no mean feat if that were to be a consolation at all! After all, you can't call it a day within the four walls of a classroom, can you? 


Unless you've devised your way of coping with the absence of home-field advantage (read homesickness), keeping a diary entry provides a seasoned way to preserve memoirs of that half-a-decade adventure, as well as facilitating a means to cope with sudden emotional outbursts. 

On the other hand, the culture shock can be coped with to a certain extent, thanks to the thriving presence of social media, is it not? After all, being prepared is key. 

While we feel that we are going to find a pot of gold at the end of each rainbow, the reality presents a stark contrast as patience would be of utmost importance to balance most, if not all aspects. 

After all, devising a fresh routine in accordance with a brand new time zone can take a few practice sessions. :)


However, the most effective means to bridge the gap on all fronts in life is, you guessed it, communication. As much as we may resent it, English is a foreign language for us, Indians. As a result, it is the most critical avenue to master before stepping out in the sun. For, if you're not careful enough, you'll be burnt to a crisp for sure. 

While TOEFL and IELTS take precedence as the most prevalent and popular English Language Tests across the globe, the folks at Pearson India have attempted to ease the hassle to a certain extent by professing #DefinitelyPTE - a smart alternative for students and professionals alike - to manifest their proficiency in the English language on a global platform.

In accordance with the norm for competitive exams in the nation, PTE Academic (short for Pearson Test of English Academic) is a single, three-hour, computer-based test that assesses candidates on the four pillars of the language - namely -  Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening - in three parts with twenty question types, coupled with an optional scheduled break of ten minutes. 

Backed by data forensics of the likes of palm vein scanning, coupled zero bias towards the background of test takers, and an accurate and consistent test score curve, it is #DefinitelyPTE all the way as PTE Academic emerges as an English Language Test of choice for aspirants. 

With a wide recognition sphere across the globe as far acceptance for study applications by institutions worldwide is concerned, Pearson India scores on this front as an increasingly viable option. Be it Asia, Europe, America, or Australia, #DefinitelyPTE is gaining greater acceptance by the minute. 

In order to aid familiarization towards the test pattern, Pearson India has also made available a means for the best immediate study material for the same. With a variety of preparation packages at their disposal, students have one less reason to fret over. :)

While the scored practice tests are a direct indication of an aspirant's readiness for the test, thus enabling them to decide when to take the giant leap towards their dream course or job, the means to registering for the test is also as seamless as the experience of the test itself, with registration rendered open for up to 24 hours in advance either over phone or the world wide web. Moreover, tests are held for over 360 days a year, up to five days a week, with multiple time slots daily. 

Assessed on a granular scale of 10-90, providing a detailed breakdown of performance based on skills, the scorecard presents an accurate assessment of a test taker’s proficiency. What's more, results would be made available typically within five business days via the score report module. Students can further submit their scores (valid for a period of two years) to an unlimited number of varsities. 

While there is no dearth whatsoever of test centers over the globe with over fifty countries in the offing, a few prominent and prestigious institutes that accept scores awarded by PTE Academic are Stanford University, Imperial College London, University of Canberra Australia, University of Illinois Chicago, Tokyo International University Japan, and Harvard University. 


On the whole, it is of the essence to remember and constantly remind oneself that the power of the purpose must be greater than the pain we experience along the journey. For it is a mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. :)

P.S. All embedded visuals have been credited to Pearson PTE

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