Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Women Of Substance At Mrs. India Worldwide 2018...

Haut Monde India is a brand name known in the high-end luxury arena and has gradually over the past decade, under the aegis of Shri Sai Entertainment, diversified into the realm of beauty pageants.

The Orientation Programme for the 2018 edition of Mrs. India Worldwide was held this weekend in Delhi NCR. Open to married women across the globe, Mrs. India Worldwide is a platform for such beautiful ladies (both on the inside and out) to achieve the maximum out of their untapped potential as a professional in the glamour industry.

Haut Monde India's Orientation for the same saw a gathering of a hundred selected contestants from all over the country under one roof, thus kickstarting their journey of self-belief and empowerment.

Boasting of a premier panel of groomers who are going to embark on a mission for overall personality development, the 'Crown Chasers' for the 2018 edition of the pageant will have a number of positive takeaways from the wholesome experience.

Some of the most sought-after names in the industry including celebrity hairstylist Sylvie Rodgers, choreographer Liza Verma, nutritionist Ruchika Sodhi, skincare specialist Dr. Omer Azad, style expert Shaine Soni, and smile specialist Dr. Geetanjali Verma have been associated with Mrs. India Worldwide as grooming experts ever since its inception by Haut Monde, in 2010.

Sharing her expectations from contenders, Sylvie Rodgers said she was on the lookout for the totality in each of them, enhanced with a dynamic personality and the right attitude. On the other hand, Liza Verma wanted the ladies to retain their simplicity and focus while immersing themselves to learn from the pageant on the whole. While Ruchika Sodhi quipped that her eyes were going to be on their plates, Dr. Geetanjali Verma had the mantra of 'Learn, Improve, Imbibe' to offer.

Also present at the occasion were the Title Holders of the previous season, including Winner Neha Deshpande, who hails from Pune, who all had their experience from a contestant to a winner, to share with the enthusiastic new crop.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Bharat K. Bhramar, Founder, and Chairman, Haut Monde India Group, said,

"Our objective of this event is to empower married women and provide a unique, central, and progressive platform that allows them to harness their talents and unleash their potentials. In the 7 years of Mrs. India Worldwide, we have helped our contestants in bringing out the best in them through our grooming sessions."

Reminiscing her experience with the pageant, Winner 2017, Neha Deshpande had this to say, while emphasizing the need to put in a hundred percent effort from each of the contenders.

"I remember being one of the contestants a year back, looking at the crown and keeping complete faith in my hard work and principles. As the orientation for the this year's Mrs. India Worldwide took place in Delhi, I feel excited to be a part of this institution that believes in bringing out the true beauty that lies within. Passing on the baton to one of the lucky three women from the hundred lovely finalists. 10,000 entrants from all over the country and abroad made an effort to be a part of this esteemed pageant. I wish them all the very best in their endeavors and hope they keep the flame of this legacy shining brightly."

A marked difference from the previous season is the selection of 100 contestants as opposed to 55 in 2017 and a trip to Greece this year as opposed to Vietnam with training modules to be held to carve the confidence in contestants to become the most suitable candidates for the pageant.

The grand finale for Mrs. India Worldwide 2018 will be held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in the capital in the month of September.

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