Wednesday, 29 November 2017

खम्मा घणी Goldfinch: Reminiscing The Rajasthani Food Festival

Mastering regional cuisines is an art. Many F&B setups in the city try their hand at it occasionally and some even manage a decent job of it, but there are few that manage to leave a mark.

Case-in-point is Sanadige where I relished the choicest coastal preparations a couple of months back. For the uninitiated, Sanadige is the brainchild of Goldfinch Hotel, Bangalore.

I was recently invited to Goldfinch Faridabad's ten-day-long Rajasthani Food Festival to relish some authentic Marwari delicacies. And, having known Goldfinch, I couldn't refuse.

It was a good decision indeed as their rooftop had been decked up complete with canopies, ethnic umbrellas and puppets, not to forget ambient folk music in the backdrop amid open skies.

Have a glimpse for yourself...

Here's what all formed for a highlight at The Rajasthani Food Festival at Goldfinch Hotel, Faridabad.

Jaljeera was offered as Welcome Drink and is a staple beverage during the Summer months in Rajasthani households. It set the tone for the delectable meal to be served thereafter.

Appetizers were paired with an assortment of dips or चटनी

  • Mint (पुदीना) 
  • Garlic (लहसुन)
  • Cucumber (कचरी)
  • Tomato (टमाटर)
  • Tamarind (इमली) 

Mirchi Vada being a Jodhpuri specialty was prepared using Banana Peppers and had the apt tang. 

Rajasthani Murgh Tikka had been spiced up and went especially well with the tamarind dip. 

An assortment of fritters had also been presented. 

The quintessential Dal Bati Churma could as well be declared the State Snack for Rajasthan and Chef Karam Dogra had prepared the Ghee soaked balls stuffed with nuts for that impeccable flavor.  

The Main Course was laid out on a buffet and had a potpourri of some of the well-known delicacies of The Land Of Kings to offer. 

Soya Pulao had nicely cooked rice with soya chunks and peas for the added taste. 

It was conveniently paired with 'Boondo Raita'. 

Laal Maas is another specialty and the mutton had been cooked with a tinge of fennel that lent the dish a unique flavor. 

Banjara Murgh had succulent chicken chunks cooked bone-in with coarse spices. 

Mixed Vegetable Khichdi was a one-pot meal on its own, though it can be paired it with Matar Ki Sabzi which was one of the best curries in Mains. 

Rajasthani Kadhi and Gatte Ki Sabzi are the unsaid stars of any Rajasthani Thali and same was the case with this meal too. 

For Desserts, the Moong Dal and Gajar Ka Halwa garnished with nuts was at patrons' disposal, while Chashni Ke Chawal and Mawa Kachori would also culminate in deliciousness. 

On the whole, The Rajasthani Food Festival was quite popular for its duration of the second week of this month, and why shouldn't it have been, given that it had been priced reasonably at ₹1000++pp and had some delicious Rajasthani fare to offer too. :)

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