Saturday, 25 November 2017

Approaching Python Programming With Pearson...

Python Programming – A Modular Approach from Pearson India is a new book that has been introduced on Python programming. Pearson is a global pioneer company in the field of learning. This is the first edition of this book by Sheetal Taneja and Naveen Kumar. The book aims to adopt a practical approach to teaching the concepts and fundamentals of programming using Python to learners. 

This will help readers and Python enthusiasts to create a solid foundation in the concepts of the subject thereby carving the right path for their understanding of elementary and advanced applications. The book is definitely going to be an asset for the programmers and developers in Python who want to brush up their knowledge or upgrade their development skills while learning new mantras. The initial chapters focus on sorting and searching techniques. Gradually moving to recursion and other prevalent dynamic programming techniques, It explains topics by explaining solutions to relevant problems. 

The problems in the text include Tower of Hanoi, n-queen's problem, plotting Hilbert curves, permutation generation, list manipulation, Sudoku, and so on. A separate chapter on topics like graphics has been written about that covers 2D, 3D, and animations. The price of Python Programming – A Modular Approach by Sheetal Taneja and Naveen Kumar from Pearson India is INR 499. It is available at all prominent stores. In addition, you can order online through major e-commerce portals. 

There are some unique propositions about this book that make it special. It uses the concept of modularity. The purpose is quite clear. It aims to introduce one of the most popular and fast-evolving programming language which is Python to enthusiasts. Learning this language ensures you a global acceptance from most technical organizations. In fact, the popularity of any programming language lies on certain basic facts. 

Any good programming language has to be versatile, simple, able to tackle complex issues, and must have a capability to upscale. All these features are present in Python. Another special feature of this book, Python Programming – A Modular Approach by Sheetal Taneja and Naveen Kumar, is a chapter on debugging. This chapter helps in acquiring the important skill for making an algorithm work in the desired manner. 

The book also focuses on multiple platform-specific applications. It teaches you all aspects of web applications, mobile apps, and database development. Another important concept is to learn integration of Python code with Java code and vice versa. This book ensures you learn this skill in a seamless manner. You must view the book launch live streaming on Facebook to understand more about its strengths. And you can buy the book online here

On the launch of Python Programming – A Modular Approach by Sheetal Taneja and Naveen Kumar published by Pearson India, Vikas Singh, Managing Director, Pearson India was of the following opinion. 

Bhavya Suri (PR Head, Pearson India) and Prof. Naveen Kumar

“Pearson India is committed to offering world-class content that helps the learners in understanding the concepts and preparing them for future. In today’s hyper-competitive times, it is critical for learners to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field and gain expertise on the subject. Understanding the need, the authors have put in a lot of effort and as a result, provided high-quality content to enable faster and better learning. We believe that this book will come in handy and will offer the much-needed guidance and support to students and learners.”

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