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Gastronomic Spectacle At The Sky High...

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The Sky High at the revamped Ansal Plaza has an apt because it boasts of one of the most spectacular views, being a rooftop restaurant, occupying the third floor and a picturesque terrace.

There are quite a few decent terrace eateries in Delhi and The Sky High has to be one of the best of the lot with its vintage lamps, pebble-laden walkway, vaporizers, and even fountains at one corner of the terrace.

Apart from the nicely done ambiance, the food is fantastic and there is foot-tapping music being played by their in-house DJ to enhance the experience. I was here last weekend for lunch and even spotted a band prepping up for their performance later in the night.

The Menu has a considerable variety showcased across a multitude of cuisines - be it Indian, Italian, Oriental or Mediterranean. The nomenclature of various sections is also quite catchy.

Here's a lowdown on the dishes worth a try at The Sky High.

Too High To Care (Mocktails / Shakes):

Peach Treat as the name suggests was a peach based concoction that was smooth on the palate.

The Sky High was a potpourri of fruits blended with Vanilla ice-cream.

Black Currant Shake was high on the berry flavor and was a somewhat thick shake done right.

Travellin' Light:

Cajun Fishy Bites were crisp and flavorful when paired with the in-house tartar sauce.

Flying Sky High:

Harissa Grilled Prawns were high on the flavor and had been aesthetically plated with grilled veggies.

Grilled Sole had a generous layer of Almond Butter Sauce with a crunch that lent the dish a different level altogether.

Provencal Baked Red Snapper was sandwiched between a tomato-based ragout and a spinach-based sauce and the chunk was altogether melt-in-mouth.

Shakahari Vegetarian: 

Akhrot Aur Subz Ke Seekh is one of the well-received dishes from their Indian Cuisine section, and I could taste why it is so. The crunch of walnuts paired with the vibrant hues of veggies was what had elevated the dish.

The Indian Road Runners: 

Chutney Wali Whole Baby Pomfret was a Main Course preparation layered with lemon slices and was a bony one that had to be consumed with some amount of caution. It was flavorful nonetheless.

Soupy Tales To Warm You Up: 

Mushroom Cappuccino
Roasted Bell Pepper And Tomato
Badami Murgh Ka Shorba was the best of the lot - high on flavor - with its elements right in place.

Finger Lickin' Pizzas:

Hawaiian Supreme was a Thin Crust preparation layered with pineapple, olives, chicken chunks, onions, and bell-peppers. One of the stellar dishes.

Heavenly Delights (Desserts): 

Both of the sweet conclusions completely stole the show with their aesthetics as well as delicious preparation.

Ice-Cream On Fire was The Sky High's take on Fried Ice-Cream.

With ice-cream balls placed on a bed of brownies, layered with berry and chocolate sauce, it was a dessert par excellence.

Eclairs Of Gulab Jamun was a contemporary take on an Indian desert comprising pistachios, Rabri, and Khoya with a drizzle of chocolate and kiwis and cherries on the side.

On the whole, a visit to The Sky High is a must if you wish to obtain a stellar bird's eye view of Hudco Place while gorging on some delicious preparations underneath open skies. :)

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