Wednesday, 2 August 2017

#GoNutsOnDonuts With Dunkin!

Donuts are a dessert of choice in America and have gradually become popular in India as well. Dunkin Donuts is one of the leading brands when it comes to this fried dough confectionery, and this weekend, I had a chance to gorge on the same.

How, you might ask? A shopping spree with friends that culminated in a dessert treat.

With quite a few restaurants rolling out their Monsoon Menus this time, it came as no surprise to me that Dunkin had slashed their price point for a box of decadent happiness. :)

In Dunkin's words, getting a six pack has never been easier.

Here's the scoop. Picture an assortment of five flavors in a pack of six pieces of joy. Add to it the thrill of having to save your favorite flavor from a claim by your friends or colleagues!

Thus, here's what to expect when you #GoNutsOnDonuts...

Classic Glazed
Classics are evergreen, aren't they? Classic Glazed Donut is as steadfast with its flavors as is your love towards your pet. Take my word for that.

Cinnamon has been one of the most versatile spices known to the world so far, finding use in savory as well as sweet preparations. As for the donut, it finds its apt place in the form of powdered goodness. As soon as you open the box, its sweet scent is the one that fills the room.

Cutie Fruity
White chocolate icing and a vibrant striped pattern that is delicious. What is more needed to discover a new favorite in the world of donuts?

Chocolate Frosted
Chocolate pairs itself with any sweet concoction and same is the case with donuts. One bite is enough to teleport you to Willy Wonka's world.

Jelly Filled
Dusted with powdered sugar and filled with somewhat viscous strawberry jam, Jelly Filled Donut is unique in terms of its taste as well as preparation, because the other four donuts in the deal are ring donuts whereas this one is filled with syrupy goodness. :)

All in all, #GoNutsOnDonuts is a complete steal deal this monsoon, with each of the five variants being priced at a mere ₹49, making it an economical deal being marketed at ₹294 a box.

So, when are you planning to treat your friends as everybody #GoNutsOnDonuts? :)

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