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Delizioso At Spezia Bistro...

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Spezia Bistro is a slice of Italy tucked away at Hudson Lane, which is the hub of college going youngsters, thanks to its vicinity to North Campus. I was here on a weekday for lunch, having heard quite a good number of compliments from my colleagues who reside in the adjoining areas, and thus decided to pay Spezia a visit.

Imagine being greeted by the Manager, on a weekday that is witnessing a full house during lunch hours. There must be a certain X Factor to the place you might think. I thought the same too.

Spezia is one of the places where you would be delighted to be told to wait because they have a tree log mimicking a swing, held up by chains on the sides, bound to the ceiling, which makes for a good way to while away time.

It was not much of a wait before we got to try what Spezia had to offer with its culinary stroke though. However, the place is done up with miniature knick-knacks, some frames for English bands on the walls, a bookshelf, an aquarium in a corner, high-rise seating at the edges of the layout, and leveled chairs throughout the outlet.

Here's what would be the must-have items at Spezia.


Watermelon Mojito was presented in a half scooped watermelon and topped with a cutesy umbrella on the side.

Litchi Mojito was one of the new beverages on the menu and had the flavor on point.

Brownie Shake is an aesthetic delight and is presented as a potted plant, thus putting a picture to the thought that looks can be deceiving.

White Chocolate and Raspberry Shake had a commendable balance of flavors with raspberry chunks and chocolate sauce.


Corn and Mushroom Melts were one of the new additions to the menu and were presented as bite-sized portions complete with mushrooms, melted cheese, sweet corn, and an olive on the top.

Chicken Wings In Lemon Pepper Sauce were well-prepared and the tangy lime flavor was quite prominent.

Chili Fish Dry had the right amount of crunch outside and was melt-in-mouth on the inside.

Crystal Dumplings are a popular item at Spezia and we decided to go for no-fuss chicken ones accompanied by appropriate sauces.


Baked Broccoli Toasted Almonds was a creamy soup to the core.

Smoked Chicken and Basil is one my personal favorites owing to the classic flavors and appreciable quantity of chicken chunks.

Main Course:

Sizzlers have gradually lost their charm, though these were quite popular with F&B spaces at the beginning of the decade, it is not so at Spezia.

We tried two of their sizzlers, Momos Chicken Sizzler and Fish Parmigiana Sizzler, both of which were well prepared. While the former was served with fried rice and French fries, the latter was more on a cheesy and saucy side, with herb rice and grilled veggies.

Pink Panther Pasta was a mixed sauce, Penne Pasta, that was served with an accompaniment of garlic bread and a garnish of olives.

Peri Peri Pizza had an assortment of veggies laid out on a thin crust. At Spezia, there is an option of Hand Tossed Pan or Thin Crust base and we opted for the latter.


Chocolate Bomb was a sweet spectacle, though only second to the one savored at The California Boulevard.

Brownie Sundae appeared to be a distant cousin of the Brownie Shake, being garnished with plenty of almonds and concealing Vanilla ice-cream within its plating.

All in all, Spezia Bistro comes across as a delicious treat that is economically priced. A special mention to Mr. Armaan, for being a gracious host that afternoon. :)

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