Tuesday, 1 August 2017

#ChaayosMonsoon Is Here To Delight!

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Monsoons are somewhat Delhi's favorite when it comes to the F&B industry. Well, of course, the trend of introducing new additions to menus across our favorite eateries has caught pace, as most of them roll out a special menu for the season at this time of the year.

However, Chaayos has been a pro at innovating their culinary presentations and going with the flow so as to say, by launching seasonal menus every now and then, be it at the onset of Summer, Winter, or now, Monsoon.

Certainly, it was #ChaayosMonsoon that caught my fancy this time and I decided to pay them a visit. As always, there was their mascot and anecdotes relating to the beverage around the outlet.

This time around there are nine additions across five categories, namely Meals, Naashta, Sandwiches, Indian Chai and Desserts.

Here's what is special about each of the new introductions into the Menu with #ChaayosMonsoon.


Loaded Open Paranthas are Chaayos take to drive Pizzas out of the league by resting the onus on Malabar Paranthas. A (thin crust) Parantha layered with melted cheese and their respective topping (coming in two variants) is what Loaded Open Paranthas are about.

Paneer LOP

Chicken LOP

Kulhad Masala Chicken Kulcha, much like its cousins, Kulhad Pav Bhaji and Kulhad Matar Kulcha in the Winter Menu and Summer Menu respectively, is a spicy delight, with the soft Kulcha and the Chicken Masala, both sporting red chili flakes.


Baarish Wale Pakore features a slight change from their signature Pakora Basket wherein Onion, Paneer, and Mirchi Pakoras have made their way in, while the Methi and Alu Pakoras have been discontinued. As always, this one is served with mint dip. Sprinkled with red chili, this one balances the sweetness of the Shahi Chai.

Bun Samosa features one full Samosa sandwiched between two buns, with some crunchy nuts, tamarind, and mint dip to go along.


Kadahi Chicken Sandwich had ample chicken chunks and went well with the in-house mayonnaise dip.

Indian Chai: 

Shahi Chai is the newest entrant in this section and has been aptly named, owing to the ample use of Saffron and Almonds, both of which are premium ingredients. Love, at first sight, is how I would explain my tryst with the Shahi Chai. Also, there is a certain thickness imparted in its consistency owing to its preparation that sets it apart from all other teas prepared at Chaayos.


Kulhad Jalebi is the Indian addition to the section that defines decadence and was dominated by English cakes in the past. Patrons can have a delightful time gorging on these thin and crispy delights.

All in all, #ChaayosMonsoon is a delight to savor. :)

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