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Bangalore to Hyderabad Flights Account For Most Frequent Business Trips

Bengaluru is the new name of Bangalore that is the capital of Karnataka. Karnataka is the southernmost state of India and is a major hub of high-tech business. It is among the busiest metro cities of India and is also popular for green-spaces, heavy traffic jams and nightlife. Bangalore to Hyderabad flights are among most frequent business and personal trips because of two prominent reasons. Many MNCs (Multi-National Companies) have offices in both the locations and their CXOs (top management executives) need to travel frequently for business meetings. Many executives working in any of the MNCs in the modern Hi-Tech city in Hyderabad belong to Bangalore and on the other hand many executives working in Bangalore are residents of Hyderabad. That way most of them would be traveling to their native place on weekends.

If I am among these executives, I would definitely like to have a single portal on internet where I get all kind of relevant questions answered regarding Bangalore to Hyderabad Flights. And along with the important information at one place, what if I also get best of the deals in airline tickets? That is where I got hooked to this page for Bangalore to Hyderabad flights where not only I got all important queries answered but also found it fascinating in the aspect of offering great deals. Obviously if you are a frequent flyer, you would definitely love to grab deals that help you in saving you some money. But above all, getting right information is the most important factor in my opinion.

There are two airline brands that fly from Bangalore to Hyderabad – JetLite and JetKonnect. JetLite has 21 weekly flights from Bangalore to Hyderabad and so has JetKonnect. That means there is a total of 42 flights in a week which itself speaks about the high volume of commuters that need to travel within these two business-oriented cities. There is a high demand of seats on these flights and at times people have to check for a seat in the subsequent flights if they don't get it in the flight of their choice. The first flight that leaves from Bangalore to Hyderabad is JetLite at 6.50 AM that suits well to the top level executives to yield a maximum productivity time during the day without any compromise with the official working hours. The last flight that leaves from Bangalore is JetLite at 9 PM.

Airport code of Bangalore is BLR and that is Hyderabad is HYD. The new name for Bangalore airport is Bengaluru International Airport and the one in Hyderabad is known as Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. If you are seriously looking for economical Bangalore Hyderabad flights, then you must check the flight schedule and book your travel on to get the maximum benefit out of it. You get a large option of domestic airlines like JetLite and JetKonnect to suit your flight booking. As mentioned, the first flight from Bangalore to Hyderabad is at 6.50 AM and is JetLite S2 3801. The last flight that leaves Bangalore for Hyderabad at 9 PM is JetLite S2 3741. You will be delighted to find the best offers and deals for cheaper flights from BLR to HYD. 

Following is the current schedule of Bangalore Hyderabad Flights:

Bangalore-Hyderabad Flight Schedule

Departure (Bangalore)   Arrival (Hyderabad)   Airlines   Days   Flight no.
6:50 AM   8:25 AM   Jet Konnect   Daily   2801
6:50 AM   8:25 AM   JetLite   Daily   3801
5:10 PM   6:50 PM   JetLite   Su   3838
5:10 PM   6:50 PM   Jet Konnect   Su   2838
6:05 PM   7:15 PM   Jet Konnect   Daily   2744
6:05 PM   7:15 PM   JetLite   Daily   3744
9:00 PM   10:35 PM   JetLite   Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Mo   3741
9:00 PM   10:35 PM   Jet Konnect   Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Mo   2741


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