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Unleashing The SHEROES Within Us...

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4 November 2014.

The Day, for when, an invitation was extended to me...

By the kind folks at SHEROESIndia and BlogAdda.


Going by their philosophy, there is a SHERO within each one of us.

And, BlogAdda, as a Blogger's Network, was keen to bring those SHEROES to my city, New Delhi.

So that each one of us would abide by the motto - I Am For #SHEROES.

And, as soon as I encountered the tweet, concerning the event, on my Twitter TL, I made up my mind to attend the Event, whenever be it.

And, to my surprise, #SHEROES In My City fell on a weekday, but that weekday was a gazetted holiday!

So, I could wholeheartedly attend the event and support #SHEROES In My City! :)


4 November 2014.

0915 Hrs.

We were there at the venue - well in time - Hubby and Me. :)

There was a good half an hour margin for the extensive and insightful discussions to begin...

This is what the venue looked like when we stepped in.

It was a day - long event and I was looking forward to an eventful day...

Here, have a look at the Agenda for the #SHEROES Summit in New Delhi...

And, let me also tell you, Anu Singh Choudhary, was to be our host for the day.



First up was the founder of SHEROES, Sairee Chahal.

She was quick to outline the Motto behind SHEROES that motivates them to strive for a better future, each day.

"Every woman who makes a choice and makes it work for her is a SHERO"

SHEROES - a career destination for women professionals, committed to career success and individual work-life fit.
For women SHEROES is a gateway to the finest opportunities, resources and conversations.
SHEROES welcomes women professional across levels, stages and sectors to pro-actively access the largest Opportunity Scope for women.
There is a diverse and large range of opportunities to pick from — these include opportunities with women friendly employers, flex friendly formats, mompreneur programs, partnership programs and more.
The SHEROES Community gets access to career resources, information and community sharing. SHEROES Mentors engage actively to help women attain career success on their own terms.
SHEROES is committed to enhancing the quality and quantity of opportunities for women and investing in women professionals through various phases of their career.


Also, she enlightened the audience with some key facts concerning the organization she'd founded.

For instance...

  1. SHEROES was founded in January 2014. It is a 'new kid on the block', as you may call it, but it has emerged as one of the most prolific and energetic kid, in my opinion. Previous to that, Sairee had experimented with a start-up going by the name, Flexi-Mom, for Work-At-Home Ladies.

  2. It aims to cater to the budding entrepreneurs in the Middle Income Group. That is because, the LIG has the Government working for their capital needs and the HIG fund their own start-ups. But, it's the MIG which has drawn the line, right in the middle.

We begun with the Founder of, Mr. Deep Kalra...

He took us on a 'trip' to the roots of MakeMyTrip...

And, more broadly, on what were the key qualities of a successful entrepreneur, or which qualities should be on the check-list of a to-be successful entrepreneur.

He also strongly stood against the 'Yes Boss' Syndrome.

In a nutshell, one cannot grow until one is in someone's shadow.

Innovate Or Perish, was his Motto.


Next up was Mr. Paresh Nath, the Editor and Publisher of Delhi Press magazines.

He spoke about his humble beginnings and had an elaborate discussion on how the Print Media was striving in the era of Digital Media.

And, how the potential #SHEROES had to muster courage to break free of their cocoon and develop a strong sense of self - confidence.

Also, he spoke on how, we had developed into a nation of Educated Illiterates.


Next, we got to meet Ms. Tavleen of I-Mobility.

She highlighted the need for Sustainable Urbanization, with the aid of Smart Citizens from Smart Cities.

She'd begun with quite an interesting concept of Indian Gods and Goddesses and their vehicle, or वाहन.


Next, we had Mr. James Joseph of Jackfruit365, who took to heart, the Work From Home concept.

His session's highlights were this...

...Penned by James, and, these...

...Munchies from Jackfruit365.

His key-points were...

An expertise is your wings - if you are an expert people will come after you.

Your work has to perform well.

And, even for Home-Office, Discipline is the key.

Work from home allows me to be a small fish in a small pond as well as a big fish in a big pond.


The Power Couple Chat with Mr. Nikhil Mehra (of Shantanu-Nikhil fame) and his wife Vidushi, a former banker, who is now an actor (of Aisha fame), was on a slightly lighter note, as it was the post lunch session...

That's them, and their twins on screen! :D

Wise words from the conversation, by Nikhil...

Don't let down but let go.

If the intent in incorrect then the content would follow.

Just Be.

Dream all the time.

Good conversations ignite good relationships.


And, some responses by Vidushi, who has donned multiple hats...

There can be only one diva in the family. I support Nikhil's career.

If you get to do what you really want to do, it's worth a million bucks.

I don't need the money, I need something to keep the fire on.

Every now and then I try to sync my schedule with my kids.

There will be always a trade-off. You have to choose well.


The event was wrapped up, with the Cherry on the Cake...

The LAUNCH of the BIG SISTER Program.

And the Most Important A's for Working Women...



That's the Mentors and the Mentees...

Neha Singh.
Salena Rathod.
Vibha Singh.

The SHEROES Of My City.

SHEROES In My City. :)


Thanks SHEROES India...

Thanks BlogAdda. :)

PS: The images without the Blog Watermark have been sourced from @SHEROESIndia on Twitter.


  1. Lovely to read about the event, Poonam.
    Glad that you attended & shared with us :)

    1. Glad that you went through the proceedings of the Summit, through my blog, Anita.
      Keep Visiting. :)

  2. I have been hearing a lot about Sheroes lately. Good to read about the event.


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