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The Goons Of Calcutta - Gunday - A Movie Review...

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The Story Of Two Boys...
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A Story Of Two Happy - Go - Lucky Comrades Who Come To Be Known As

Two Make Merry In The City Of Joy!


Two orphans who become 'Gunday' to survive in the cruel world where they have none to guide them and all to humiliate and exploit them - both mentally and physically.

In the course of life, the basic difference in their natures i.e. Bikram (Ranveer Singh) being calm like a diamond and Bala (Arjun Kapoor) being impulsive & aggressive like burning coal - leads them through lots of twists and turns and taking viewers on a roller - coaster ride of emotions...

The film also depicts the reality of life - innocence and blind faith mostly push a person into trouble - many a times - like their love for Nandita (Priyanka Chopra) and trust in Himanshu (Anant Sharma) led them to face many downs in their lives.

Director - Writer Ali Abbas Zafar has conceptualized and executed some of the scenes well.

  • When Nandita stirs Bala's conscience saying that he could never win her as he was very different from Bikram and as she moves out, there is a mirror in front of Bala reflecting his image. The song Saiyaan has heart touching lyrics and follows right after.

'इन गुंडों के तेवर कुछ अलग हैं।'

  • This fact reflecting on their attitude is depicted very well right from their childhood when they find a way out to feed themselves.
By stealing coal from a train, selling it to their ex-employer - a shopkeeper, earning Rs. 2 from him for 20 kg coal whereas the market rate was Rs.2 for 10 kg coal and... 

Bala says...

'पैसे उठा के हाथ में रख!'

To which the shopkeeper is baffled...

'रख दो दादा। इसके तेवर अलग हैं!'

The shopkeeper hands over two Re. 1 coins to Bala, out of which he returns one, keeping with them only Re. 1 and says...

'ये उस कप प्लेट कि भरपाई जो उस दिन टूट गए थे!' 

...For the porcelain cups and saucers they had broken the other day and as a punishment for which they were slapped and thrown out.
...And plants a thrashing on the shopkeeper's cheek.

'आगे से कप प्लेट टूटने पे एक छोटे बच्चे को डांटने से पहले इस छोटे का बड़ा सा झापड़ ध्यान में रखना।'

And our child - heroes exit the scene, equating and settling their score!
  • The crack slowly starts appearing in the comrades' relations...
    When Bala burns down Bikram's share of factories in a fit of rage...
    And Bikram's face from their joint portrait gets burnt down as well.

Coming to the dialogues...

  • Bikram's signature 'अंगूठा लगवा ले!' is positioned at the right instances which lays appropriate weight to the scene.
However, a turning point comes when Bala prompts him to say 'अंगूठा लगवा ले!' and he says 'झापड़ लगवाएगा क्या?' instead.

Those of my readers who would have watched the movie would be perfectly able to recall when, why and in which circumstances.

To those who haven't, I would not like to break the suspense.
One line of advice - 'Go Watch It!' 

  • 'किस्मत कि एक खूबी है - कि वो पलटती है - और बहुत जल्दी पलटती है!' - Says ACP Satyajit Sarkar (Irrfan Khan) - pointing to the crux of the web he had woven to end B & B's regime!

The music score of the movie is fitting for various moods and situations in the flow of the feature is elevated by appropriate compositions by Sohail Sen (of 'What's Your Rashee?' fame) and fitting lyrics by Irshad Kamil.


Gunday, as a film from YRF is a mix and match of Sholay (depicting a fraternal bond between two comrades determined to conquer the world sans any oppression), Zanjeer (displaying a cop's cool and strategic outlook towards countering the outlaws) and Kala Patthar (with inputs from Yash Ji himself - Adi wanted to shoot in the coal mines of Dhanbad - which happened in Gunday!)


The most important parallel in the movie is drawn between instances from Ramayana and stills from the film.

Nandita compares herself to Sita and Bikram to Ram and Bala abducts him saying - 'सीता हरण तो आप भूल ही गईं मैडम!'

Also, when in the climax, both the friends unite, symbolizing 'भरत मिलाप'.


All in all, Gunday is a gem from the house of YRF and deserves a 3.5 Stars from my side!

Looking forward to your agreements to my opinions and deviations from it, as may be the case.

Gunday Is A Must Watch, I Opine!



  1. I like Irrfan Khan a lot but I can't tolerate Ranvir Singh... Hmm have to think over it..but loved your post!

    1. Contemplate Naba. I'm sure you'd make a good decision suiting your taste.
      Thanks for the love!
      Keep Visiting. :)

  2. Very nicely presented, Poonam.
    I have plans to watch it too after the interesting promos/trailers. The songs are great too especially the #Ghantiyaan with the Odissi Dancers.
    Your review makes it all the more compelling reason not to miss Gunday! :)

    1. Now that I've successfully convinced you, go watch it Girl!
      It's Worth It, Anita!
      Sure, that song is very catchy.
      Thanks for the appreciation!
      Keep Visiting. :)

  3. I am not in India so cannot this movie but Poonam your review is so good that I want to see it. Right now :(

    1. Don't worry, Ritu.
      By the time you'll come to India, I'm sure I'll get it for you!
      Keep Visiting. :)


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