Thursday, 12 July 2018

Chilean Kiwi On Indian Horizon...

The Chilean fruit industry backed by the collaboration between the Embassy of Chile and the nation’s commercial trade office - ProChile, recently announced plans to support the growth of Chilean Kiwifruit exports to the Indian fresh fruit market.

Chile has formally launched their first strategic promotional effort to increase trade and consumer awareness about the excellent quality of Chilean Kiwifruit and tap into the market opportunities created by the rapid growth of kiwi consumption in India.

In order to capture the Indian market, the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX), the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee backed by the important support and financing of the Ministry of Agriculture of Chile, through the Fund for the Promotion of Agroforestry Exports, administered by ProChile will structure a comprehensive promotional campaign in India for this season.

The campaign is also being supported by three leading fresh kiwi produce importing companies from India - Aayush Impex, IG International, and NGK Trading and retail partner in India - BigBasket.

Chile is a country in the Latin American region occupying a long, narrow strip of land between the Andes to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west and is the third largest exporter of kiwifruit and avocados to countries across the world.

According to the World’s Top Exports report this year, India imported 59% more kiwifruit from Chile than in the previous season, thereby giving Chile a 50% advantage in tariffs compared to other countries that export this fruit to India. The Indian Government accorded this achievement to Chilean kiwifruit last year under a bilateral agreement.

While there are a number of varieties of Kiwifruit globally, Chile exports the Hayward or green variety on a primary basis. There is a fundamental difference in the balance between sweetness and acidity among the numerous varieties.

Carolina Vasquez, Commercial Director of ProChile in India, stated thus

“The Indian market holds great importance for Chilean kiwifruit due to the rising demand in the country. Through this campaign, our aim will be to promote our kiwifruit and also raise awareness about Chile as a unique supplier of an array of food products such as berries, nut, and seafood as well as creating a greater understanding of the benefits of the preferential trade agreement signed between Chile and India”.

On the occasion, Charif Christian Carvajal, the Marketing Director for Asia of the CHILEAN FRUIT EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION (ASOEX) said,

“This is the first time that the Chilean fruit industry will undertake multiple promotional campaigns targeting the India market. This campaign includes the participation and financing of producers and exporters of Chilean kiwifruit that export to this market, the support of the Chilean Government through ProChile and the Ministry of Agriculture, and, for the first time, the promotional efforts will include economic contributions from the major importers and distributors of kiwifruit in the Indian market. Thus, we can affirm that this is an effort from all the actors of the supply chain and which demonstrates the commitment that our industry has to the Indian market.”

According to Charif, Chile aims to tap the three stages of sales: Import, Distribution, and Retail. Within the retail sector, online as well as offline channels, cash and carry models like WalMart, and small-scale vendors are being approached for tie-ups.

Over the years, India has emerged as one of the fastest growing markets for Kiwifruit, primarily attributed to the Indian fruit market’s demand for exotic fruits that has seen an upward trend because of a prospering urban class, an enhanced exposure to the cultures of different countries, and a rising demography of health-conscious people.

To implement the promotion campaign the industry has partnered with SS Associates, a Gurgaon based food marketing consultancy firm. Sumit Saran, the Director of SS Associates, said,

“Our company is proud to have this opportunity to launch the promotional campaign of the Chilean kiwifruit in India. We believe that we will reach the most demanding consumers with specific promotions, through actions in the retail market and various media. We will have a positive impact in increasing the penetration and knowledge of Chile's kiwi exports.”

With the event also graced by Master Chef and Padma Shree Sanjeev Kapoor and Celebrity Nutritionist Kavita Devgan, there was bound to be a discussion centered around how effectively kiwifruit can be a part of our daily diet.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor also demonstrated the culinary usage of kiwifruit by conducting a short master class that emphasized the Chile-India relation.

On the other hand, nutritionist Kavita Devgan emphasized the extraordinary benefits of kiwifruit including the fact that Kiwi is a natural laxative packed with folate and anti-oxidants while highlighting its role in building immunity against some of the major illnesses prevalent in today's day and age.

With the launch and promotion of Chile Kiwifruit in India, Chile is hopeful that this step will represent an important contribution towards strengthening the country’s image amongst importers, distributors, retailers and end consumers in India and globally too. :)

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