Saturday, 11 March 2017

When I Say Organic...

I Say Organic is a homegrown brand for organic perishable and non-perishable goods which entered Gurgaon with the launch of their first store at South Point Mall, Golf Course Road in Gurgaon. Founded in 2011, the brand delivers fresh food directly from the farmers to their customers across Delhi/ NCR. With the aim to bridge the gap between farmers who want to grow organic and people who want to eat organic produce, I Say Organic promotes a lifestyle that is holistic, fulfilling and practical.

I Say Organic believes giving people the option of eating safe, pesticide free food and recognises and supports the farmers who grow this food. The brand caters to households run by educated couples and individuals, joint families, couples with young children, pregnant women and people with lifestyle diseases. Located in South Point Mall with an area of 123 sq. ft. the store offers an array of organic goods inclusive of fruits, vegetables, grains, millets, flours, lentils, spices, rice, oils, ghee, dry fruits, sweeteners, tea, coffee and bread. The team of farmers the brand has partnered with first delivers the produce every morning, this produce is further manually sorted and cleaned by skilled labour and then delivered to the customers on the same day the order is placed making it convenient and consumer friendly.

At the launch, a DIY activity was conducted which was all about making a personalised bottle of 'Beetroot Kanji'- a seasonal beverage great for the gut and the digestive system. I Say Organic's only store in Gurgaon is a must visit for all your daily needs -fresh and non-perishable.

Ashmeet Kapoor, Founder and CEO of the company feels that NCR is evolving each day and with the upcoming modern lifestyle, it is important to make a healthier environment. Further adding he says:

“We are thrilled to launch our store in South Point Mall and make Gurgaon a healthier place. Gurgaon has shown rapid development in the last few years and we see immense potential in the area. In a youthful country like India, it is essential to educate everyone about the benefits of investing in organic produce to build a healthier country. At I Say Organic, we believe in giving our customers access to organic, authentic and healthy food at all times. We plan to introduce many more products under the categories of condiments, spreads, breakfast cereals, snacks and dairy products.”

When it comes to organic produce and its delivery, it’s very essential to procure these products from genuine and reliable sources. The brand sources their vast collection of products from different sources without losing their nutrient values. While seasonal leafy and root vegetables are sourced within 300 KM radius, the authentic and off-season goods are sourced from the hills of Himachal Pradesh. Whereas fruits and non-perishables are sourced from the cities of Maharashtra, Kerala, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana & Punjab, which are known for their superior quality. The organic fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants from their roots to the tip to eradicate other manufactured supplements. In a span of just 5 years, the brand has managed to establish a network of over 100 farmers providing 200 products – the largest and most authentic portfolio in the organic category.

A major component of organic farming is the use of sustainable farming practices and the brand ensures this by stringent farmer selection and ethical practices. By offering products in multiple categories, I Say Organic envisions to be the most trusted and largest Indian brand for organic produce.  The brand directly links the farmers to their customers making organic produce affordable to everyone.

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