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19 Flavours Of Biryani Love...

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Rice is a staple here in India. And, Biryani is love. On a recent visit to Gurgaon for the I Say Organic store launch, I discovered this takeaway/delivery outlet situated in the Global Foyer Mall going by the name of 19 Flavours Biryani. It had been quite some time that we had relished Biryani and I decided that we should give it a try.

I decided to do a takeaway from this place on our way back home, and the staff was gracious enough to meet us right outside the mall with our order in place, fresh and hot, finely packaged, nicely delivered.

I had received a call from Mr. Deepak inquiring about what all we'd like to order and the stipulated time by which we could arrive to collect it since I am not a resident of Gurgaon.

Coming to the order itself, there was a certain professionalism reflecting in their packaging and handling, and it was meticulous in a manner to avoid spillage of gravy and retain the flavor of the respective dishes.

Here's what all we tried from the house of 19 Flavours...

Dum Biryani, both of whose packaging was spot on, with demarcated slots for the Biryani, Salan, and Raita each, with cutlery and paper napkins in place. The spice was a bit higher in the vegetarian variant than in the non-vegetarian one, though, but the Raita helped counter it to a considerable extent.

Udham Chicken Biryani

Delightful Vegetable Dum Biryani

Kebabs, both of which were succulent and served along with onion slices and a dash of lime.

Chicken Seekh

Mutton Galouti

Kathi Rolls, here at 19 Flavours, are the best I've had in a really long time. I could as well compare it to Nizam's Kathi, I feel.

Nargisi Kebab Roll

Awadh Style Paneer Roll

Gravies, both of which had proportionate amounts of curry and chunks of cottage cheese and pieces of chicken, respectively.

Mashoor Paneer Mughlai



Multigrain Ajwain Paratha is a hidden gem. I regretted ordering just one of this.


Kulhad Phirni is a slice of seventh heaven with crushed Elaichi imparting it both, a pleasant green hue, and a lingering taste on the palate.

Hokey Pokey Ice - Cream came in a cutesy triangular cup.

I tried the Knight in Armor flavor which had a quite creamy after-taste. 

What I quite liked about 19 Flavours, apart from their food is the service quotient, for I received a call from Mr. Deepak again, a day or two after I had ordered from them, to receive bouquets and brickbats. And, of course, constructive feedback was taken in its stride.

All in all, 19 Flavours presents love for Biryani (and many other Awadhi preparations) with panache and I would recommend this place for people who wish to rediscover their liking for the same. :) 

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