Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Thy Will Be Done!


A kingdom is as good as its king. But you know very well that at home there is no king. Every home is governed by a queen. You have all rights to behave as a king outside but at home, it is only a queen and her subjects. Well, you are my favorite subject. You do a lot for me. But then you know a queen is a queen. And this queen is quite demanding. Let me demand some promises from you today. And you have to promise to give me all these promises from the bottom of your heart. Once you promise, remember to keep them for life. A promise is never meant to be broken. If you intend to break a promise, never make it. And once you make it, never break it. So here we go.

We have hardly spent twenty-three years together. Promise me to keep admiring the beauty of the whole universe in my eyes as you have been doing till now. Remember when we met the first time, you admiringly looked into my eyes, took a long dip and stayed there for a long time. It was as if you never wanted to come out of it ever. I had to pull you out. In fact, if I had not done so, tears would have started. It was difficult to control my eyes to blink. It was becoming too painful. I tried my best to keep them intact without a single blink as long as possible. The universe and eyes are still there and will be there as long as the most admiring soul is there. You are that soul.

My second demand is that you will wake me up every morning as you have been doing for all these years. It is because when I open my eyes every morning and see your face, my day is bound to be fantastic without any doubt. The same I want to happen as long as you, me and our universe is. So promise me to wake me up every morning with your usual style and a hot cup of tea. Morning tea is as dear to me as you.

My third demand is to let me be the queen of the house. That can happen only if the king decides to hand over all his powers to his queen. Because when I am happy I can make your world. Promise me to give me so much space to let me use my powers of being the queen of the house.


I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.


  1. Women are the queens of homes.. no doubt! ;) Hope all your demands are fulfilled :D Stiletto Maniac

    1. Hoping so too, Bushra.
      Glad that you liked the post and echo the thought.
      Keep Visiting. :)


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