Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Promises Anew!

Every woman is a good judge. In fact, all men are from Mars and all women are from Venus as well as Jupiter, signifying the combination of beauty and brains! That is how the world is still in existence. It is the woman power that is keeping it alive and worthy of living. I am a part of that woman power. I have a lot of aspirations for my husband. If I have to elucidate to him what promises I would love him to make for me, I would prefer to address him by the means of my blog and writing.

So, here goes an ode to my Dear Husband...

I love your company but at times, I wish for privacy - being contained to myself. So when I want you around, I really need to have you around. And if I, at certain occasions, don’t feel like being with anyone,  you have to understand the silence and leave me alone, even if for a short while, without my being vocal about it, and without you taking it otherwise, of course. So the first promise is to hone your skills to be a super intuitive guy who understands when the green bulb is lit and when it is time to dodge the red bulb.

You, in fact, are already a super intuitive guy. That is why you are in my life. You have to keep your receptive towers always functioning well so as to read the signals correctly and unasked for. Promise me, that you will try your best to put your best foot forward in this regard.

You always praise me for my expertise in the kitchen but I would also wish for you to develop some apprentice-like abilities. Promise me, that you would, at least, attempt to learn the ropes  to cooking by yourself, some day. But, mind you, you should not try to make me spoon-feed my knowledge while developing this skill in yourself.

You should not poke me often asking what quantity of which ingredient, how much time to be taken to simmer or boil, which spices and all that. You should have to apply your brain and learn yourself. It should like a DIY for you. One point of caution, however, is that you must never claim to better at this art than me. This mastery from your side is never-ever possible.

I love reading books. You too, love reading books. Although our choice and taste in this regard are poles apart, we should promise to one another to read books of each other's choice. It is so because I love to discuss books. So when we both finish a book you will have to brainstorm its story with me without any excuse.

Also, promise me to read books for me when I am in not in a mood to do so. Promise to sit near me and read that book for me. Once in a while, I would also prefer to hear a lovely story flowing to my ears through your words rather than reading it on my own!


I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.

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