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A Healthy Child Makes A Healthy And Happy Home...

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Ed Northstrum rightly opined - "It's No Coincidence That Four Of The Six Letters Of 'Health' Are ' HEAL '."

And, Heal is the keyword for this blog-post.

This blog-post is about a very dear childhood friend, Sandhya, and our experiences as healthy children, in our respective happy homes. :)


Sandhya is my closest childhood friend and this friendship of ours has been running strong since the last five decades. 
It is not that we became friends, from the day we were born itself...

But, it is true that 'friendship' was the first relationship we both encountered, in our respective lives in the new world, which we'd encountered, as tiny tots who were exploring the environment around them. 

There are various 'ambient' factors from God's side - circumstances that drove us both towards developing this long-lasting and treasured friendship. 

Both our families were well known to each other, as we both were neighbors, residing one floor above the other.

Also, would you believe, when I inform you that there is only a gap of 10 days between our birth dates?

We even studied in the same school and college! :D


Sandhya's is a unique story to narrate. 

She was quite delicate right since her childhood. She was weak at the time of her birth and had to demand a intensive care from her Doctors, for the initial two months of her physical development.

 She has been very dear to my parents and during this critical period, my mother spent a lot of time with her family to cater to her needs as well, on humanitarian grounds.

All along, both of us were enjoying the care of two families! ^_^ 

Probably, both our parents had decided to face the situation bravely, and establish a safe and healthy upbringing for both of us, during our childhood.  

That is when, both our family's complete focus was to feed us, and most importantly, Sandhya, with  food items rich in vitamins, nutrients, minerals and thus harbor an implicit happiness, for only then, would my Dear Friend be able to enjoy the bliss of good health.

Immunity was the first requirement, that had to be built in Sandhya so as to enable her to stay away from all illness so that she gained agility, health and energy. Both of us had to be protected from germs, infections, bad bacteria, and viruses, too.

Over a period of years when we gradually progressed to our teens, Sandhya had recovered from all her weaknesses and had regained full strength and energy to carry on with good health for the rest of her lifetime. :)


You must know where this all begun, though.

It was our family doctor who had suggested Dabur Chyavanprash to be given to her regularly, alongside other requisite prescriptions.

He was quite knowledgeable and ensured our families that his recommendation was a well established, widely tested product, over a period of many years, and was based on formulations that were adopted by none other than our Rishis, of Vedic Era. 

It contained all the important herbs, required during childhood, and the growth period, for a child to be well nourished and grow well, so as to sustain good health for later years of life. 

For instance, Amla, that is one of the constituents of Dabur Chyawanprash, is the best antioxidant. To provide immune molecularity features to a child’s body, there is a constituent known as Giloy, also known as Guduchi. 

Similarly, he discussed with our parents how, there were more than forty other precious natural constituents to provide long lasting strength to body.

He even told them a tried and tested secret to a Healthy Body and Mind...

3X Immunity => 24X7 Happiness... :)

And, that is how there has been no looking back, in utilizing the Goodness Of Dabur, to maintain a healthy body and even healthier mind! ^_^

Dabur Chyawanprash has been our long - time companion for good health.
For us, as kids, or even, for our future generations... :)


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  1. Valid points, Poonam.
    I have tried & test it too.
    Best wishes.


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