Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Cleanliness Equates With Godliness...

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What Comes To Your Mind...

When I Say...






A Rather Gross Imagery Takes Shape, Right?

A Place Where You'd Rather Not Be?

Of Course!

Who Likes A Filthy Environment?

Except, Maybe A Canine...

Rolling In The Mud? :)


Keeping Up With The Age Old Adage Of...

"Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness..."

I Like To Hold Strong Belief...



The Virtual Perspective.

Of A Preference...

Of Clean Surroundings...

Of A Clean Ambiance...

Of A Clean Work-space...

Of A Clean Room At Home...



The Literal Perspective.

Of Purity...

Of Thoughts. Words. And Deeds.

Of Honesty...

In Mind. Body. And Soul.




Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness - Says An Age Old Adage...
Leading Me - To An Organized Approach, So Is Its Advantage...
Edging Me Out From This Crowd - Is My Perspective Towards...
Abhorred The Filth, To String Together Those Heavenly Chords...
Nestling In Me - An Audience, Applause, For That Perfect Touch...

Inspite Of The Fact That Materialistically Clean, Reigns...
Scrutinizing The Filth Of Thought - It, Very Much Pains...

Hampering The Expanse Of Intellect, Such Is Filth Of Thought...
Expanding At Expense Of Truthfulness, Such Is Filth Of Word...
Action, The Sufferer, Worst, Bearing All The Weight Of All  Its Filth...
Vexing Is The Mention Of A Blemished Soul, At Large And Such!
Epitomizing An Idol Of Honor, A Prayer That Comes Onto Mind...
Necessitating That Timely Introspection, As To Where In Life, We Are Headed!


This post is a part of the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts program where the aim is to post at least one post a day based on the day's prompt.

Today's Prompt was a 'Free Prompt' provided to all of us, Guest Authors.

The Prompt is, Odd Couple - 'Does A Messy Home Or Office Make You Anxious And Cranky OR Is Cleaning, Something You Do Just Before Company Comes Over?'

This is my Sixth Post as a guest author to Project 365 : We Post Daily!


  1. Nice free flowing post on something that I can't live without! My husband says I'm crazy like Monica from friends when it comes to cleanliness :)

    1. Thanks for the appreciation, Naba!
      Same pinch on having a soft corner for 'Clean'!
      Keep Visiting. :)

  2. If only we can get our Indian streets and cities cleaned up of the filth around....that would be a day I would really like to see! Nice post, Poonam!

    1. Thanks for the appreciation, Beloo.
      Agree with you, wholeheartedly.
      Keep Visiting. :)

  3. If cleanliness is next to Godliness, I am going to hell

    1. Ha Hrishi! :P
      Nice correlation with the prompt!
      Keep Visiting. :)

  4. Nice post on the most important quality which distinguishes us, humans from other animals. Love the way you always use initial letters of the sentences to convey a message.

    1. Thanks for the generous appreciation, Kiran!
      Keep Visiting. :)

  5. Hi Poonam,

    I must say you have a wonderful page out here. I totally agreed with the context of the post, even I like to keep things clean. Even if I keep my place dirty, inevitably, my conscience starts to pinch at me and I clean it up.
    I noticed the innovative way of using 'Clean is heaven' at the start of each line in your poem. Great going.
    Keep it up. :)

    My Blog

    1. Hi Jay,
      I believe this is your first time at the blog and I'm humbled by the words of appreciation you've showered upon it.
      Thanks for noticing and appreciating the effort.
      Keep Visiting. :)

  6. May you never cease to amaze me with your beautiful skill of weaving such impeccable posts together. Well done Poonam. You are the star in IndiStar

  7. Amen to that thought, Sid.
    Thanks for the appreciation and the Starry status.
    Keep Visiting. :)


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