Saturday, 14 September 2013

Corrupticide - Required Urgently!

We all are Indians.
We love our Country.
Our previous Generation was not able to tolerate all the unfair doings of the representatives of the British Empire.
Our Great Freedom Fighters sacrificed their joys, relations and even their lives to let all other Indians enjoy their lives and live in peace and a fair atmosphere.

We are still Indians.
But, Do We Still  Love Our Country?
Or Have Become So Selfish That Cannot See Beyond Ourselves?
Nowadays, people are engrossed in attaining their own joys - for themselves, their relatives and putting in all efforts ( but all negative ones ) to make sure that all other Indians do not enjoy their lives and do not live in peace and a fair atmosphere.  

So, where do we stand, nowadays!
Is it any better than Pre - Independence Era!
Are we not living the lives of slaves and that also owing to forced 'willingness' at the hands of immoral politicians and bureaucrats?

Whenever any Nation is intruded by Outsiders, it is still comprehensible.
But, what can we do now, when our brethren are behaving like termites and are spreading the poison of corruption at such a speed, that daily, whenever I go through the newspaper in the morning, I long to get a strong 'Corrupticide' to eradicate all these pests, which have infested our Nation to the extent that I fear as to how much time is left with us to prevent our structure hollowed by them, from collapsing!

Are these corrupt people suffering from Dementia?
Have they lost hold on their roots?
Why don't they comprehend that they are chopping the very Branch on which they are living!
They are infesting the same Nation whose citizens, they too are!
They feel that they just rob other people and increment their own Wealth!

But, why don't they analyze that they in fact, rob the 'Whole System' in the long run and not increment their Wealth but their Sins!
What will they do, of such immense Wealth?
In fact, they are transforming their next generation into bigger pests which shall not be able to do anything on their own, in their lives!
They are spoiling, and not securing their kids' future!

These So - Called 'Public Servants' opine that they have become 'Public Masters'!
The Public gets treated at Government Hospitals which are no better than Veterinary Hospitals and the high - level bureaucrats can now get themselves treated Abroad (Politicians were already availing this 'Royal Treatment'!)
So, all of them are thriving lavishly on the Middle  Income Group Belt's taxes (which the 'Mango Person' pays by toiling day and night and by surviving hand to mouth)!

So, are these politicians and bureaucrats not behaving like parasitic leeches too - in turn spreading the disease - but not realizing that they are actually progressing towards their own end (Just like a leech full of blood!)

So, Instead Of Pesticide and Weedicide, Is There Any Supplier Of Corrupticide!

May God Give Them Purity Of Thought And Insights (If God Can Forgive Them For All Their Previous Misdeeds)...
...So that, our Daily News Quota doesn't hike our Blood Pressure & Everyone Can Live And Let Live Too!

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