Friday, 20 October 2017

Ola Portugal With #GoaInCP At Lady Baga...

Lady Baga has been a favorite for Goan food in the heart of the capital city ever since my first visit to the shack. This time around, it was as a consequence of their recently launched month-long 'Portuguese Food Festival' that commenced on October 8.

Lady Baga multiple factors working in its favor, be it their prime location - right opposite PVR Rivoli and Khadi Gramudyoga - or their decor, ambiance, attentive service, and fantastic food.

The restaurant derives its name and the vacay vibes from a popular North Goan beach which is its namesake. It is a two-floor restaurant wherein the second floor has been demarcated as a Smoker's Zone.

The outlet is complete with summery wall decals, shell curtains, and dreamcatchers for that coastal touch. Goan music playing in the backdrop adds an ambient touch too.

Coming to the Menu specifically curated for the Festival by Chef Abhijit Mondal and Team,  they have a considerable variety of authentic Portuguese dishes across both vegetarian and non-vegetarian streams.

Here's what would be the must-try dishes when saying Ola Portugal! at Lady Baga...

Small Bites: 

Cajun Olive Fries had an abundant topping of olives, jalapenos, and parsley with a hint of Cajun spices as the name suggests, and an apt crunch.

Chicken BBQ Fries were prepared with an in-house barbeque sauce and crunchy chicken chunks.

Cheese and Fig Toasties had melted mozzarella and shallots working in their favor. It was served with an in-house mayonnaise on the side.

Fofos i.e. Red Snapper Fish Rolls are a Portuguese classic and the Chefs at Lady Baga have improvised to utilize Red Snapper instead of Salted Cod. This one came with a dip. a tangy pickle and a dash of lime on the side.

Almondegas De Peixe (Fish Cakes) were presented in vibrant silicone cups, garnished with sweet corn, and bell peppers. It had a hint of egg in its preparation and bell peppers had been layered within the cupcake as well.

Torradas De Camarao (Prawn Toast) was topped with an in-house special sauce and molten cheese served with French Fries on the side. The toast was crunchy and the prawn was simply melt-in-mouth.

Main Course: 

Sunday Roast was chicken preparation paired with roasted herbed baby potatoes, veggies, and Pav. It was a bit spicy for my palate but the chicken had been cooked nicely.

Prawn Pilaf is a classic Goan preparation with rice cooked in a broth, with assorted nuts and veggies. Long story short, it was a delicious one-pot-meal.


Serradura or Sawdust Pudding is another authentic sweet preparation from Portugal complete with layers of biscuit crumble, condensed milk, and whipped cream. It was layered with a caramel net on top and had cherries as garnish.

Apple Crepe Suzette was a warm dessert made of cinnamon apples and had toffee syrup and cherries as a garnish, with an accompanying ice-cream scoop.

On the whole, Lady Baga is the one-stop destination to visit whenever you want to experience #GoaInCP. :)

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