Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Snacking On Pizzas at NYC Pie...

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Pizzas are a universal favorite when it comes to Italian Cuisine, and it comes as no surprise that they would be a hands-down winner among all age groups. However, as much as we would love indulging in all that melted cheese and decadent toppings, all those calories are capable of taking a toll on the body in the long run.

Quite recently, I came across NYC Pie which appears to offer healthier alternatives for the calorie-conscious folks. I decided to do a takeaway from them on a friend's recommendation.

NYC Pie markets wood fired thin crust pizzas and patrons are spoilt for choice as far as the base and size of the pizza are concerned. I opted for two 12" pizzas on a whole wheat base.

Must I remark that their packaging was up to the mark with the items duly named and marked as veg or non-veg.

Here's what comprised my order...


Chicken Wings were abundant with their flavorful sauce and were crisp enough.


Both of them were liberal with their toppings and delivered steaming hot. I liked their method of preparation which is a bit different from the monotonicity of the usual ones.

Canal Street (V) was an extravaganza of bell peppers, olives, mushrooms, artichokes, and sweet corn.

Tribeca (NV) sported chicken chunks, artichokes, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and red onions.


Penne Chicken Pesto retained the authentic creamy pesto sauce flavor and chicken chunks were appreciably large in size.

NYC Pie attempts to make a breakthrough in the way we perceive Pizzas and I believe that they succeed in doing so to quite a great extent. :)

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