Sunday, 8 May 2016

Recounting The Journey, This Mother's Day...


Since the last one week, my heartbeat was playing havoc. Pacing, given the thrill of the burning question - 'Would I hear those three words, those for which I had longed?' 

No, not those three - ' I love you'; those had been cherished a couple of months back. This time, it was more than those. Have you got it? 

Yes! The three golden words this time around were 'You are Pregnant'. 

The statement which can lead any married woman's life into a topsy-turvy situation. 

This burning question led me to the Gynae in no time. My fingers were crossed the entire time, to hear from her, a reply in the affirmative. And, she didn't disappoint me. With a broad smile on her face, she declared, 'Yeah, now you ought to visit me every three weeks for the next nine months, after which I'd be happy to hand over to you, your bundle of joy.' 

For that moment, I experienced a multitude of emotions, which cannot find expression in words, but foremost was the feeling of Gratitude to the Almighty for bestowing upon me, the bliss and cherished privilege of nurturing a new life within me. 

In the next moment however, a tsunami of doubts, questions raged inside me. This being my first pregnancy, I had no idea how to deal with it. Of course, I wanted the best for my baby. But, ensuring that my baby grew well in me seemed like a maze, which was difficult to navigate by oneself. 

The doctor could very well gauge the mixed reaction on my face. She held my hand and assured me - 'Everything will be fine. Just be yourself, be happy, don't strain your body and mind unnecessarily. Eat healthy and follow my instructions as far as mild exercise and the intake of vitamin pills are concerned. It will all be fine!' 

Yes, I will! I was determined to endure through the best and worst for my baby and myself too. I knew it for a fact that unless the Mother is hale and hearty, she can't expect the same for her baby. 

I reached home and broke the good news to all the family members and the journey to wellness began. Being a working woman, I had to now cope with my pregnancy, job and household chores, all in one go. The family members took care of the house and I kept myself stress free on the work front. 

Days passed by leading me to embrace the bodily changes. Some unpleasant, many more pleasant. 

Needless to say, I too had to deal with nausea or morning sickness. For me, however, the sickness was not only limited to the morning time, but lasted almost all day long. It happens, my doctor told me. One should not worry as this phase too passes away. Eating healthy could help - it did help me - in this regard. 

During her second trimester, every expectant mother is bothered about stretch marks, which are an aesthetic celebration in my opinion, bundled with pregnancy. I was mindful of their appearance and used to lightly massage the area believing that this exercise would lighten the scars. 

In the third trimester came the 'baby bump' as it is addressed, nowadays. One should not be conscious of the visibility of the tummy but dressing gracefully helps. After all, you are and should be proud of and not ashamed of being pregnant. 

As the time of delivery grew near, the amazing realization of being a mother grew on me too. Along with me, my husband and both sets of family members were waiting impatiently for 'D-Day'. 

When that day came, my water broke, the labor pains consumed me and my screams were growing louder by the minute. At the same time, I was thinking of the abundance of joy that was to be bestowed upon me, in a couple of hours. This thought helped me in coping with the pain. 

God gave me the courage to bear, and believe me, he gives this strength to all. All of this experience was encapsulated forever in that one moment when I finally became a Mother. 

Yes, that is what pregnancy can do to you. To all the expectant mothers out there, it's about putting all those apprehensions to rest, shedding all inhibitions about being pregnant, about what-how-when of managing yourself and your baby during those nine months, about giving birth by bearing lots of pain. 

Yes, of course. All of this is an experience of a lifetime but the moment you take your newborn in your arms, the moment she or he first glances at you, you become unmindful of the entire universe as from that very moment, your child becomes your entire universe. :)

It has been two decades to the time when I embraced motherhood, yet recalling this account brings along with it, a feel-good-factor which leads me to celebrate motherhood with each moment of life! 


I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the #YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.


  1. That was such a heartfelt account and as a new mom, I could relate to every bit of your pregnancy story. All the best for the contest!

    1. I am glad you could, Shaivi.
      Waiting to read your experience too.
      Thanks for the wishes.
      Keep Visiting. :)


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