Sunday, 3 May 2015

Onward To A Green Yatra...

This feels good.

A tree would be planted in my name by the kind folks at Green Yatra.

Two, actually.

Towards A Greener Planet...

Two Trees At A Time. :)

Earth Is Calling - Runner up!


 वृक्ष कवि की गर्जना 


बबूल शूल ले उठो, 
सपूत साल तुम उठो! 

नीम तुम हटो नहीं, 
आम तुम डटो वहीं! 

उठो मिठास छोड़ दो, 
ज़िन्दगी को मोड़ दो! 

तुम्हे जो काटने चले, 
तो हाथ-पैर तोड़ दो!  

छीन  लो कुल्हाड़ियाँ, 
बीन लो ये आरियाँ! 

सतर्क जागते रहो, 
छोड़ दो खुमारियाँ! 

अब नया विधान हो, 
अब नवीन गान हो! 

मिटे समस्त क्रूरता, 
सुवृक्षता का मान हो! 


I was moved. So much so, that I was compelled to ponder - What if this was to be a true scenario?
What if the bearers of Mother Earth's anguish were to call out to us, with all might and shove all those adversities, in our face? :o

After all, the proceedings of events in today's time call for it, in a very unwelcoming way, though.
We wouldn't be happy if these words turned to actions, certainly not! 

We, homo sapiens, or humans are a peculiar species. The early man stumbled on rocks, to learn to create fire. 
He foraged on and utilized leaves and meat skin to cloth himself and satiate his hunger. 

Gradually, he started to practice the art of being an agriculturist, reaping what he sowed, which were the fruits of his blood and sweat. He experienced bliss under the cool shade of sheltering trees amid the sweltering sun. 

Early man had to master the art of 'Survival of the Fittest' in order to explore the soil he was inhabiting. He had to practice and substantiate for himself and his kinfolk, the concept of sustainable living. 

Gradually, the vulnerable, naive ape turned into an intelligent, sophisticated man.


Every day, we hear scores of news bulletins announcing, proclaiming to the world, the adverse effects of the disappearing green cover over the face of our Earth, of the ill-effects of global warming, which are setting base to uproot us from our very existence, and to prefix a 'Late' with 'Mankind' and hold a mass funeral. 

Yet, it does not baffle us enough. It isn't unsettling enough that the face of mankind has embraced a certain form of 'Reverse Engineering' to make the same intelligent man lose control over his gray cells and wreck havoc in his own territory! :( 

Yet, man learned to chop off the same branch which he was seated upon. Yet, man learned to exploit the pool of resources, nature's bounty had provided him with and then complain of scarcity. 

Selfishness and greed took over kindheartedness and giving. Man, knowingly or unknowingly was vehemently marching on a path which lit his own pyre!


Humans are creatures who cut trees, make paper, and write on the same paper, 'Save Trees'. 

Ironically, we don't learn! 

We fail to realize that it may be earning someone his means to bread and butter, when he decides to cut trees, but in turn he also resolves to rob millions on the face of the Earth of their lives, some day or the other. 


We fail to acknowledge or respond to the numerous cries of despair from an agonized Mother Earth. 

We proclaim that we are constantly doing our 'bit', even I do at times, but the truth is that just like it is perpetually impossible for a child to repay the debts of his mother, so is it seemingly difficult for us as a human to repay the debts of Mother Earth, if I may write so.

It is a matter of self-pride and a feel-good factor associated with the perspective of having done something for the world we inhabit. It is indeed blissful to experience that kind of a contentment.

The joy of splashing feet in the puddles of rainwater, or plucking ripe fruit from the orchard's trees or even playing with the raw, earthen soil, to uncover it, dig deep, follow the snail's trail and plant a tiny seed to observe it sprout into a plant and flourish into a tree as a child, is ever empowering.

We've to now time-travel to our childhood and those unselfish explorations and innocent treasures, to rediscover ourselves as Nature's Comrades.


An initiative as elementary as opting for paper or jute bags over the big bad bags of plastic counts.
An initiative as elementary as adopting the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle of an eco-friendly lifestyle counts.
An initiative as elementary as segregating the household waste into the Green Biodegradable and the Blue Non-Biodegradable waste cans counts.

An initiative as elementary as opting for LEDs and CFLs over those archaic bulbs can prove sustainable.
An initiative as elementary as opting to carpool or travel to the means, by public modes of transport, can prove sustainable.
An initiative as elementary as opting for energy-efficient appliances, demarcated by their BEE ratings can prove sustainable.

An initiative as elementary as opting for eco-friendly toiletries as handmade soaps or green cosmetics can work wonders.
An initiative as elementary as opting for bio-fuels or organic food as pointers to a 'Green Citizen' can work wonders.
An initiative as elementary as making an attempt to keep a check on one's Carbon Footprint can work wonders.


As a science teacher, as a conscientious citizen of my country and as a responsible daughter of Mother Earth, I have taken a pledge. 

I've taken a conscious decision, to embark on a journey. 

I've taken a step. 

Onward To A... 

Gauging The Severity Of The Matter,
Renewing A Parched Bond With Earth.
Enriching Fruits Of  Bliss, Lay Scatter,
Entitling Us To Rendezvous Of Rebirth.
Now Is The Time To Take That Call...

Yearn For The Dream World To Be True,
Accomplish The Dream, Aim For Reality.
Tap That Essence Of Repaying The Due,
Reap Gratitude, As You Sow Humility.
Adore Replenishment, Give It Your All...


Have you stepped up to the responsibility yet?

I hope you do.

After All, Mother Earth Is Calling. :) 


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  1. This is a beautiful post..
    It's more like an "In your face" kind of post.
    We humans have been to naive and now taken all possible measures to make our life simple by cutting down on greenery. What we don't realize is that we itself are digging our own graves!!

    1. Very true, Lance.
      Thanks for taking the time to read through the post.
      Keep Visiting. :)


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